19 April 2023

calico cat names

By Donald

calico cat names

So you chose the cutest tricolor cat. But how do you choose the perfect name? In this article we tell you what a tricolor cat does. We will also introduce you to 100 tabby cat names. Since all tricolor cats are female, these were devised with the female cat in mind.

This breed loves to drink almond milk and is included in our list of the 21 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds.

What is a tricolor cat?

Calico cats do not come from any particular breed. Calico simply refers to the combination of colors that make up their fur: black, white, and orange. They are predominantly white covered with nice patches of orange and black. This unique hair usually only occurs in female cats because it depends on the X chromosome. In fact, if you choose a tricolor cat, you can be almost 100% sure that it is a female.

Names for female tricolor cats

  1. Aisha – It means that your lucky cat will be more prosperous.
  2. Amaretto says: I love cocktails.
  3. Anat – how to sing
  4. Anipe – She will dance by the river.
  5. Arya- Get excited about music.
  6. better- Be nice and kind.
  7. low – He may be small in stature, but big in character.
  8. Bessie- It may be a true minority.
  9. jewelry – Isn’t it elegant?
  10. bisso – like to kiss
  11. snow storm- In the face of severe cold, stand firm.
  12. Screw – Faster than lightning.
  13. ankle boots – It looks great on her boots.
  14. Burgon – I like milk and cookies.
  15. calypso – He likes to have fun on the dance floor.
  16. cleopatra- It is the most beautiful.
  17. Conte- stay safe.
  18. Cornelia – lead the way
  19. Daffodils – It will make it feel like spring.
  20. Dahlia – Always play among the flowers.
  21. daisies – She deserves to be treated like a princess.
  22. playboy- It is the most peculiar tricolor cat.
  23. Summer- For being so heroic.
  24. ebony – Often gets stuck in trees.
  25. echo – Always answer.
  26. Ekundayo – Know how to turn sadness into joy.
  27. Esther – For the nocturnal tricolor cat.
  28. fabiola says: Always in the garden.
  29. Hawk – He hated the way the birds looked at him.
  30. fancy- How to live your dreams.
  31. freckle- It’s fun to play.
  32. Dynamic – Never stop moving.
  33. fluff – You just can’t do your hair.
  34. gabriella says: The most angelic cat that exists.
  35. galaxy – Make you star studded.
  36. gamela – It will be the talk of the streets.
  37. Harpy- I like to be loved.
  38. Heidi – Learn about the value of sunset wine.
  39. Shinar – She is a beautiful goddess.
  40. Honey – Stuck in surprising places.
  41. Isabel – For a worthy cat.
  42. Jackie Chan – forced to jump
  43. Emerald – He likes to hang out on the grass.
  44. Jaguar- Make the light work in a long distance.
  45. jasmine – He lives for his food.
  46. jessé – You’ll be lucky to be around.
  47. Camila – it is perfect. It is perfect for male or female cats.
  48. kiki- It always brings joy.
  49. kisa- A great name for one of a set of twins.
  50. lapis lazuli – it is a real gem.

Names for tricolor male cats

  1. latte – Never sleep at night.
  2. Leyla – Get on your knees, Lyla!
  3. lion – He likes to meow loudly.
  4. lotus flower – Suitable for people with mystical beliefs.
  5. lucky – I never disappoint you.
  6. lynx – A beautiful calico cat name.
  7. Magic – Where she arrives will surprise you.
  8. wheat- It always seems to go in circles.
  9. send her- will always be loved.
  10. Mandisa – it was so sweet
  11. Marble – Shining in the sun
  12. wonder – is the most amazing
  13. Minoh – Suitable for Persian calico varieties.
  14. Naira – Always gets what he wants.
  15. nasha- A little small.
  16. name and – It will accompany you in difficult times.
  17. Nefertiti – Always lucky.
  18. Omoro – it is a wonder.
  19. Ozer – For an amazing kitty name.
  20. Padma – Bring wisdom.
  21. pigeon- be faithful.
  22. Paris – I can’t wait to travel to France.
  23. parker- Suitable for home.
  24. Bova – Always lucky.
  25. pretzels – For the tricolor cat who loves his food.
  26. Prosperous – A good name for the calico cat.
  27. ask – Find new development space.
  28. Quetzalcoatl – Just too precious.
  29. Rage – I love calving season.
  30. rainbow – It will brighten your day forever.
  31. rajah – Know that she is rich.
  32. Ramla – It will bring you good luck.
  33. rafaela- A good choice for a calico painted face.
  34. Roxana- I’ll get you up at dawn.
  35. Sabah- He will be the first to get up in the morning.
  36. Miura – Jump like a kitten.
  37. selma- close to home.
  38. Shani – Climb the highest walls.
  39. trixie- Meow cunningly.
  40. tortoise- It has tortoise shell fur.
  41. Uba- to keep you on the right track.
  42. Sea fragrance – True to its name.
  43. solidarity – Gather the family.
  44. hetian point – Destined to bring you wealth.
  45. wendy- Show at your whim.
  46. Yale – will be the smartest cat.
  47. Yarez – I love you more than anyone.
  48. Yasmin – For cats that smell nice.
  49. Zada – Get along with the boys.
  50. Zehan- It will make your life full of joy.


Calicos come in a variety of breeds, from American Shorthairs to Persians. However, it is believed that they may have originated in Egypt (hence the number of Egyptian names on this list). Since they are not a separate breed, tricolor cats do not have typical personalities. You gotta see it for yourself! The good news is that they are believed to bring good luck to their owners. Happy naming!

Remember that all the data presented here is just a compilation of information from the internet, be careful when using it. Always consult an expert before making a decision about the health of your pets.