29 April 2023

Crunchyroll joins Peru Comic Con with a unique experience

By Donald

If you are a lover of Japanese anime, you cannot miss Peru Comic Con 2023. crunchyrollthe streaming platform, presents the best of anime in Lima this weekend in the most important event for the geek community in the country.

The company’s booth is located at the convention entrance every day, where you will immerse yourself in the My Hero Academia universe, accompanied by your favorite heroes and villains. They will share projections of series that are broadcast in this season and there will be previews of the next one.

Saturday April 29 at 18:15-19:15 pm

AYAKA (coming soon to Crunchyroll)

Episode 1:

Synopsis: The story follows Yukito Yanagi, an orphan who one day meets an eccentric disciple of his father. The strange man takes him to his birthplace in Ayakajima, a place made up of seven islands where mysterious beings called “Mitama” and dragons are rumored to reside. There, Yukito meets the other two disciples of his father, who protect the harmony of Ayakajima… which threatens to collapse soon.

My Home Hero (Airs this season)

Episode 1:

Synopsis: The series follows Tetsuo Tosu, a middle-aged office worker who finds himself in the underworld after accidentally confronting and killing his college daughter’s boyfriend. The boyfriend was part of an organized group and, cornered, Tetsuo will do everything in his power to protect the family from him.

Sunday, April 30 at 18:30-19:30 pm

Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion

Episode 1:

Synopsis: Eunha Park thought she had another chance at life when she woke up in the world of a novel. The only problem? Raeliana McMillan, the character she was reborn as, is destined to be killed by her fiancee! For the sake of her survival, she comes up with an idea: contract a fake marriage with a man more powerful than her future boyfriend. But when that protection comes in the form of Noah Wynknight, the duke with a warm smile and a cold heart, Raeliana realizes that she might have made a mistake…she will regret this plan, won’t she?

Dr STONE New World

Episode 1:

Synopsis: Senku is an extremely intelligent young man with a great gift for science and a sour personality, and his best friend is Taiju, who is a very good person but more apt to use muscles than to think. When after a certain incident all of humanity ends up turned to stone, they manage to wake up in a world thousands of years later, with human civilization completely gone and with all of humanity frozen in stone as they were. Now it is your duty to rescue people and create a new world.

The sixth season of My Hero Academia is available on Crunchyroll. Synopsis: In a world in which most of the population is born with a Gift, a different extraordinary ability in each one, it didn’t take long for both villains and heroes to appear ready to stop them. Over time, the heroes became government officials, being regulated and living from their work, as well as becoming the object of admiration for many. Now, being a hero is the dream of the vast majority of children, who wait from a very young age for their Gift to manifest itself to start training and dream of becoming the number one hero.

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