19 April 2023

disney cat names

By Donald

disney cat names

Everyone loves Disney movies and cats. Things get even better when you combine the two! In this list, we present you with 50 suitable Disney male and female names for cats. Choose a name that works well with the cat and dog pairing in your family. A scruffy Disney character for your lazy cat. Or choose a name that suits your favorite breed.

disney female cat names

  1. Alicia- Always on a fantastic adventure (Alice in Wonderland).
  2. Ana- Will (from Frozen) loves the cold of winter (Frozen).
  3. Aphrodite – it’s Hercules.
  4. ariel- Musical meows (The Little Mermaid).
  5. Atta- It will be Queen (A Bug’s Life).
  6. dawn- It is the real Sleeping Beauty (Sleeping Beauty).
  7. Pretty – Prom (Beauty and the Beast).
  8. Bo Peep – Like Cowboy (Toy Story).
  9. cinderella – Always come back at midnight (Cinderella).
  10. cruella- Always fight with dogs (101 Dalmatians).
  11. daisies – I like classical music (Fantasy).
  12. dolly – Short attention span (Finding Nemo).
  13. Eilonwy – Grumpy and stubborn (blames the back).
  14. elsa- Clears snow and ice from your path (freezing).
  15. Emerald – Beauty found in different places (The Hunchback of Notre Dame).
  16. Fairy – Like a princess (Peter Pan).
  17. falling down – Attracted by the deer (Bambi).
  18. flora- Live Spring (Sleeping Beauty).
  19. Giselle – Like the forest (magic).
  20. Heidi – After the Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland).
  21. simple – Like the rugged adventurer (Tarzan).
  22. jasmine — It means a gift from God (Aladdin).
  23. Kita~ Good at fighting (Atlantis: The Lost Empire).
  24. lilo and stitch – He likes to pretend to be a dog (Lilo & Stitch).
  25. Pernicious- Always naughty (Sleeping Beauty).
  26. Marian – Like the steel that helps the rich to give to the poor (Robin Luther).
  27. Maria – A lovely name for a white kitten (Aristocats).
  28. Megara – He will do anything for love (Hercules).
  29. melody – Always play in the water (The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea).
  30. Merida – will be brave
  31. mother- He has magical powers (the sword in the stone).
  32. minnie- Like Mickey Mouse (Crazy Plane).
  33. moana – Go boldly where cats have never been (Moana).
  34. Mother Gottle– He looks younger than his actual age (Tangled).
  35. Mrs. Potts— He likes to keep things tidy (Beauty and the Beast).
  36. Hua Mulan – He likes to fight (Mulan).
  37. Nara- He will always take care of you (The Lion King).
  38. little pig – A good name for a rescue cat (Lady and the Tramp).
  39. Pocahontas – Often wandering outside (Pocahontas).
  40. Princess Fiona – Born for adventure (Shrek).
  41. Queen – Demand respect (Snow White).
  42. long haired princess Needs careful brushing (tangles).
  43. Son of God- He likes to cause trouble (The Lion King).
  44. frozen queen – He knows how to cast spells (freeze).
  45. Snow White – Kind, gentle, happy (Snow White).
  46. tiana- She must be treated like a princess (the princess and the frog).
  47. Tinker Bell – Bringing magic to the table (Peter Pan).
  48. vanellope von schweetz Always answer (Wreck It Ralph).
  49. wendy- It must grow fast (Peter Pan).
  50. The White Queen- How to be the leader (Alice in Wonderland).

disney cat male names

  1. Abu- He always brings something from outside (Aladdin).
  2. Aladdin – He can fly (Aladdin).
  3. baroo – He likes to meow to music (The Jungle Book).
  4. Bambi – Curious (Bambi).
  5. buzz- I like to spread my wings (Toy Story).
  6. cheshire- It always appears out of nowhere (Alice in Wonderland).
  7. scar – It is Spanish for Scar (The Lion King).
  8. Donald – He likes to play with the ducks (three ducklings).
  9. Dumbo- He always jumps from high places (Dumbo).
  10. flounder – Get lost often (The Little Mermaid).
  11. flounder – It will follow you (The Little Mermaid).
  12. Frollo – Prettier than it looks (Notre Dame).
  13. frozen – Passion for adventure (Frozen).
  14. elf – He has an eccentric side (Aladdin).
  15. silly – Always doing something dumb (a Goofy movie).
  16. Hercules – Surprisingly strong (Hercules).
  17. hook – Terrified by the ticking clock (Peter Pan).
  18. Jafar – He has an evil side (Aladdin).
  19. Jafar – Toys are prey (Aladdin).
  20. Kaa – The eyes are bigger than the belly (The Jungle Book).
  21. Cristobal – He will go on an epic adventure (Frozen).
  22. Lumia – So charming (Beauty and the Beast).
  23. Maximum – A great name for a brave cat (Tangled).
  24. Mufasa – There is an impressive main character (The Lion King).
  25. Mushu – Always protect you (Mulan).
  26. nemo- Go to Daily Adventures (Finding Nemo).
  27. paschal – There are good suggestions (entanglement).
  28. peterman- As if I could fly (Peter Pan).
  29. little pig- is the best friend (Winnie the Pooh).
  30. Pinocchio – He looks guilty (Pinocchio).
  31. Put – Spotted like Dalmatians (101 Dalmatians).
  32. Prince Adam— More charming than it seems (Beauty and the Beast).
  33. pemba – I loved their food (Lion King).
  34. rafiki – Get in touch with your spiritual side (The Lion King).
  35. wicker – He is such a smooth operator (mouse detective).
  36. Robin Hood – There must be a happy group of friends (Robin Luther).
  37. scar- It looks like he was in the war (The Lion King).
  38. Sebastian says: I would love to bathe to the tune of “Under the Sea” (The Little Mermaid).
  39. Shere Khan – Scratched on the back (The Jungle Book).
  40. simba- Cute and nice (The Lion King).
  41. Snowman – Great name for an all white (Frozen) cat.
  42. Needle – He likes to cause trouble (Lilo & Stitch).
  43. Sally – He always jumps on you (Monsters Inc.).
  44. Tarzan- He likes to swing in the woods (Tarzan).
  45. Rudder- I like to make you laugh (The Lion King).
  46. homeless- Will take care of others (Lady and the Tramp).
  47. Triton – He thinks he is the boss (The Little Mermaid).
  48. winnie- He loves his baby (Winnie the Pooh).
  49. Wolf – The name of the big bad wolf (The three little pigs).
  50. woody – He will be a respected leader (Toy Story).

Remember that all the data presented here is just a compilation of information from the internet, be careful when using it. Always consult an expert before making a decision about the health of your pets.