12 April 2023

Free Fire altered all these characters in the new OB39 update

By Donald

freefire made various adjustments to the system to get the best out of each game. There are characters that are more popular than others because their abilities, in the right hands, can be deadly in any circumstance. Garena, meanwhile, in its effort to make the games fairer, made changes to the statistics of several of them in the most recent update.

“Skills are one of the most iconic and fun features of freefire and we want all players to freely experience and enjoy customizing their character’s abilities. So… go ahead and try new combinations without worry!”explains Garena on the official website of freefire.

FREE FIRE | character adjustment

Alvaro Reborn (new character)

Skill: Split Barrage

1s before detonating, the grenade produces 3 extra grenades, which can deal 30% more damage than the original.

Xayne – Extreme Encounter

Extreme Mode: Obtain a temporary 50PV for 8s. During this time, HP healing effects are increased by 75%. Cooldown: 75s.

Otho – Photographic Memory

After knocking down an enemy, marks enemies within 20m of the downed enemy and slows their movement speed by 25%. Duration: 4s. On knockdown, marks and slows nearby enemies.

Dasha – Party Mode

After taking out an enemy, enters Outstanding Mode, which increases fire speed by 18% and movement speed by 12%, but then decays rapidly. Duration: 6s. During Featured mode, knocking down enemies consecutively will reset the countdown and increase fire speed by an additional 4% and movement speed by 3%.

Ford – Iron Will

Gain 10 HP per second for 3s when taking damage. Cooldown: 20s. After releasing an active ability, this passive ability will immediately reset.

Kenta – Wrath of the Sword

Forms a 5m wide shield that reduces incoming weapon damage from the front by 50 → 60%. When shooting, the damage reduction is reduced to 10 → 20%. Duration: 5s. Cooldown: 70s.

Alok – Brutal Rhythm

Creates a 5m aura that increases movement speed by 15% and restores 5 → 3 HP per second over 10s. The effects do not stack. Cooldown: 50 → 45s.

Santino – Shape Division

Spawns a mannequin with 200 HP that advances for 12s, then use this ability again to teleport to the mannequin’s position. The dummy will be destroyed after use or after 12s. Cooldown: 80s.

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