19 April 2023

Free Fire guide to reduce recoil of weapons without macros

By Donald

freefire is an online shooting game that has become very popular on both Android and iOS operating systems, and has a huge fan base that competes on the battlefield. One of the most important aspects that players are trying to master is gun recoil, and they don’t need to download illegal software or hacks to do it. Accuracy, aim, control and recoil of weapons are critical to victory in freefire.

It’s pretty insightful to fall into the practice range and work hard to improve. The sensitivity in freefire it is another factor that affects recoil control, movement, and aiming of a weapon. Users should find their optimal sensitivity setting for best control over recoil and aim.

Before adjusting the sensitivity, players should go to the practice field of freefire to test different weapons. This arena will help you understand the recoil patterns of certain weapons.

SMGs and LMGs are stable firearms, while ARs require some work. Players can ignore recoil from snipers and shotguns due to the low rates of fire at their respective ranges.

They can use different viewers and equipment to modify their settings. Additionally, the versatility of the attachments will shed light on the hip fire and ADS performance of certain firearms.

FREE FIRE | Sensitivity setting

After getting extensive knowledge experience, users can touch the icon of Setting to access the sensitivity and adjust it as follows:

  • Overall: 95-100
  • Red dot: 95-100
  • 2X Scope: 81-86
  • 4X Scope: 58-63
  • Sniper Range: 48-53
  • Free gaze: 69-74

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