13 April 2023

Free Fire: what the new Smashcotas and Triple Wolves modes consist of

By Donald

The update of freefire OB39 added new modes so survivors don’t get bored playing the same thing all the time. The Battle Royale will be the most popular, but it is always good to give players a break with new dynamics. We tell you what Smashcotas and Triple Wolves consist of.

“Do you want a good fight using your pet? The new mode, Smashcotas, is here! Choose your pet and defeat your enemies with your teammates to become the King of Pets”, points out Garena on the Free Fire website. Below we share the main characteristics of this modality:

FREE FIRE | Smashcotas Features

  • In the new Smashcotas mode, players can choose one of 3 pets to go into battle. Each pet has its own attack style and its own ability.
  • The game is a 2v2 mode. Players score points through eliminations. The team that reaches 7 points first or wins the most points at the end of the 5 minute match.
  • When hitting an enemy, your pet’s ability will be charged with energy. When the energy is full, you will be able to release the ability to deal heavy damage to the enemy.
  • You will be revived at a random location 3 seconds after being killed.
  • When attacked and low on HP, you can leave the battlefield for 4 seconds to recover HP and return to combat.
  • Power-ups that increase attributes will appear randomly on the map. Make sure you get there before your enemies.

For his part, in Triple Wolves, players will be able to choose their weapon and that of the opponents to fight in 2vs2vs2 or 1vs1vs1 formats on the Ice Field. You win by eliminating enemies and adding more points. We review the main characteristics of this modality.

FREE FIRE | Triple Wolves

  • 6 rounds of 2vs2vs2 or 1vs1vs1 wrestling matches.
  • Points are awarded for eliminations or surviving. The team with the highest score after 6 rounds wins.
  • Each player will have the opportunity to choose the weapon they want for all players in that round.
  • The battle will take place on the new winter Lone Wolf themed map.
  • At the start of each round, each player will automatically get a flashbang, ice flash, helmet, and armor lvl. 2 and 2 gloo walls.

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