26 April 2023

Gunbound T closes its servers just months after its launch

By Donald

Gunbound M It is still the king in the market. The developer company Softnyx already has a version of Gunbound that has become extremely popular in the market; Despite this, they announced in December 2022 that they were launching Gunbound Ta game that sought to give a different experience.

However, just a few months after its deployment on Android and iOS mobiles, they announced that they will close the servers and it will only be playable until April 28.

The Softnyx team regrets to inform the gaming community that after several months of its release, Gunbound T will be shutting down its servers on April 28th. The decision to close the game servers responds to the company’s intentions to continue innovating in the industry and offer new services according to the demands of its users.”, details the company statement.

inquiries and refunds

For those players who have questions or refund requests, they can contact the Softnyx technical support team through the game’s official networks and its website.

The company announced that this is a difficult but necessary decision to focus its efforts on new projects “that continue to offer video game fans unique and exciting experiences.” At the moment, it is not known if they are working on a new title.

Gunbound T players will be able to continue enjoying the game until April 28. After that date, the servers will be permanently shut down and access will be suspended, after which all accounts and in-game purchases will also be disabled.”, added the statement.

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