7 May 2023

How to buy Star Wars games on PS4 and PS5 with up to 60% discount

By Donald

The virtual PlayStation video game store, available on consoles ps4 and PS5has introduced a new campaign called “Weekend Deals”, which provides discounts of up to 60% on several of the most popular titles on Star Wars. Here are some suggestions to reduce the costs of your purchases.

The fans of Star Wars they have everything to win. There are discounts for LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga at $23.99 (60% off), Star Wars Battlefront at $9.99 (75% off), Star Wars Squadrons ($5.99) and Star Wars Republic Commando at $7.49 (50 % off).

There are also discounts on characters from the aforementioned video games from Star Wars. Most correspond to Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga with discounts of 34% per package. Another option is to give franchise classics like Super Star Wars a try at $4.99 (50% discount) and Star Wars Episode I Racer at $7.49 (50% discount).

You can check all the discounts of this promotion in the following link. They will be available until May 10, 2023.

PLAYSTATION | How to buy games on the PS Store

Remember that you can browse the content of PS Store and make purchases on your PlayStation consoles, either online or on the playstation app.

if you have one ps4, you will have to go to the PS Store from the home screen and scroll down in the side menu to search by type of content. To purchase, select your content > Add to cart and complete the checkout flow. To download, select the game you purchased from the PlayStation Store or your Game Library, then select Download.

In case of a PS5, go to the Games page and select PlayStation Store to buy digital games for the PS5 console. Search or scroll to find the content. To make a purchase, select the price, agree to the terms, and then select Order & Pay. To download, select the game you purchased from the PlayStation Store or Game Library, then select Download. You’ll find the games you’ve purchased on your Games page and in your Game Library. Enter the link here to buy the games on sale.

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