12 April 2023

How to buy The Last of Us Part II with a 75% discount for PS4 and PS5

By Donald

Nothing like saving on quality games and even more so if we talk about one of the most anticipated deliveries by the gaming community. PlayStation. For a limited time only, The Last of Us Part II will be available at a 75% discount for ps4 and PS5.

Those interested in buying the game can click on this link. The original price is $39.99 but, until April 27, 2023, it can be yours for just $9.99. This is the basic edition, so you will only get the full game. If yours is the extra content, you can opt for The Last of Us Part II Digital Deluxe Edition which includes mini digital art book, PS4 dynamic theme, digital soundtrack and a set of six PSN avatars. All of that for $49.99.

“Five years after that perilous journey across a pandemic-stricken America, Ellie and Joel have put down roots in Jackson, Wyoming. Living in a thriving community of survivors gave them peace and stability despite the constant threat from the infected and other, more desperate survivors. When a violent event disrupts the peace, Ellie embarks on a relentless journey to seek justice and find closure. As she hunts down those responsible one by one, she must face the devastating physical and emotional consequences of her actions.”reads the synopsis of the video game in PS Store.

PLAYSTATION | How to buy games on the PS Store

Remember that you can browse the content of PS Store and make purchases on your PlayStation consoles, either online or on the playstation app.

if you have one ps4, you will have to go to the PS Store from the home screen and scroll down in the side menu to search by type of content. To purchase, select your content > Add to cart and complete the checkout flow. To download, select the game you purchased from the PlayStation Store or your Game Library, then select Download.

In case of a PS5, go to the Games page and select PlayStation Store to buy digital games for the PS5 console. Search or scroll to find the content. To make a purchase, select the price, agree to the terms, and then select Order & Pay. To download, select the game you purchased from the PlayStation Store or Game Library, then select Download. You’ll find the games you’ve purchased on your Games page and in your Game Library. Enter the link here to buy the games on sale.

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