24 April 2023

How to cheat in Mighty Doom to not die

By Donald

Mighty Doom is quite a challenge for fans of the successful Bethesda franchise. It seems to be a simple run and gun game, but there are a lot of technical details that deserve to be evaluated to survive the hordes of demons, from what are the most recommended weapons to how to cheat so as not to die.

Mighty Doom is an action video game developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. In the game, players take on the role of a hero who must fight against the demonic forces that have invaded the Earth. Mighty Doom features 3D graphics and a character progression system where players can unlock new abilities and weapons to improve their combat ability.

Tricks of Mighty Doom to make it easier

Everything seems simple up to this point, but by the fourth and fifth levels you will probably have a hard time moving on. For this reason, we share the five Mighty Doom cheats that will make the game much easier.

cheating At the moment it is working, and it is that we can close the application to restore a room if you are about to die, but it only works with the standard rooms and the boss rooms. Before dying in combat, close the game to return to the home screen. There you will read a notice to resume the game. You click on accept and you will return a couple of rooms before the one you were in when you closed the game. You can do this as many times as you can to give yourself more chances against the final bosses.

Choose your weapon well. There is a vast arsenal in the game, but our favorite weapon is the Gauss Cannon with extended shot, ricochet, and magnetic acceleration. As far as the outfit goes, go for the Gold Slayer. You can also rely on the Heavy Cannon or the Plasma Rifle.

What should I invest in? You must improve the main weapon, also the secondary, the gloves and the helmet above all. This is basically because the game works based on damage per stat, so improving these elements is essential.

Revive for free. You can revive by watching a video up to five times a day. Besides, watching the ads also allows you to get other rewards like coins.

What to buy. We recommend that you buy the Gold Slayer, which costs around 1200 crystals or $10 and gives a random chance to reload the secondary weapon every time you get a kill. The rest of the microtransactions are not worth much.

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