11 April 2023

How to design the HUD in Free Fire to play with two fingers in April 2023

By Donald

Garena has designed freefire in such a way that anyone can adjust the elements of the screen with the intention of personalizing all the buttons. If you’re one of those gamers with two fingers on the panel, you’ll need to review all of this information so that the HUD is responsive to all of your needs in combat, especially if you plan to rank up in April 2023.

The HUD is the acronym for Heads-Up Display (presentation of information), and comes to be the set of icons, numbers, maps, etc. that during the game give us information about the state of the game and the character. In the case of freefireyou will have to choose the location of each action so as not to make mistakes when shooting, crouching, jumping and other key actions in the confrontations.

The good thing about playing freefire with only two fingers is that you will have better performance in close combat, make headshots with a single touch and move faster because the thumbs react better than the index finger. Without further ado, let’s see what is the best configuration to play with two fingers.

HUD to play with two fingers

HUD to play with two fingers

We recommend you put the HUD into practice in your games of freefire. It will take 10-30 days to fully get used to the HUD in your future matches. We also advise you to make small changes to the HUD according to your combat style.

FREE FIRE | Orion Abilities

Orion’s main ability is Crimson Energy and replaces PE with 300 Crimson Energy. Consumes 150 Crimson Energy to activate its shield, during which you cannot take damage or attack enemies and will absorb 15 HP from enemies within a 5m radius. Duration is 3 seconds with a 3 second cooldown.

In short, the Crimson Energy makes its user immune to damage for a certain period of time and can absorb HP from enemies, which is a good option for those who are aggressive in games and would like a lifeline to escape or deal a finishing blow. It seems to us that the character is balanced at the moment, but Garena may well nerf his stats in the future.

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