19 April 2023

How to get free crystals in Mighty Doom to buy exclusive items

By Donald

Mighty Doom is an Action and Shooting video game developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks that you can download right now on Android and iOS. The dynamic is to end the hordes of demons and earn the greatest amount of resources to evolve your weapons and protective equipment, that is, large amounts of coins and crystals.

Mighty Doom It is a video game based on the free-to-play system so you can play for free, but inside the game you will find a store with accessories, weapons and improvements for your Slayer that will demand real money through crystals.

Coins (the gray icon) are obtained for free when you play the game, defeat enemies and achieve objectives. These are mainly used to get updates. This means that you can use them to power up your weapons, gain special abilities for your Slayer, unlock new characters, or upgrade masteries.

Crystals (the purple icon) are the premium currency that you get by paying, although there are also ways to get them for free, and they are used to buy characters, weapon boxes, equipment and special boxes.

MIGHTY DOOM | How to get free crystals

There are several ways to get free coins in Mighty Doom. The most obvious one is to simply play the game and complete missions, challenges, and levels to earn crystals bit by bit. Also, by logging in daily, you will receive daily rewards that can include anything from coins to crystals, depending on your streak.

Another way to earn coins is by completing missions and daily challenges. These are updated every day, so be sure to check back and claim the rewards often. You can also participate in special events that occur from time to time, where you can earn rewards, such as coins and crystals. To participate in them, you will need to complete Chapter 2. Also, keep an eye out for mail, as the developers often offer free coins and crystals in the main menu mailbox as compensation for technical problems.

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