19 April 2023

How to get the Lantern Fest 2023 event Twilight Mosaic wrap for free in Fortnite

By Donald

Epic Games is giving all players of Fortnite a free reward due to developer error. Although it was originally supposed that only those who completed a series of Lantern Fest event quests could obtain the Lantern Fest Twilight Mosaic Wrap, the developers accidentally removed the quests before their expiration, affecting the entire community. This is how Epic’s solution is to give the reward to everyone equally.

The bug occurred during a weekly update where Epic Games added various items to Fortnite, but they also removed the Lantern Fest quests too early. The best thing about this reward is that it does not require any additional effort.

Unlike other rewards that can be obtained by completing challenges or special packs, the Lantern Fest Twilight Tile Wrap is being given to all players of Fortnite without the need to do anything additional.

In accordance with iFireMonkey, the cosmetic is available upon login. Epic felt it would be easier to do it that way than to reintroduce the quest line and make sure everyone completed the same quest.

The next time players log into their account Fortnite, the weapon wrap should be waiting for you there. Later, they can go to their locker and equip it if they wish.

It is not specified until when the reward will be available, so we recommend you access your account at once Fortnite so as not to miss the opportunity.

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