4 May 2023

How to have an invisible space in the nickname of Free Fire

By Donald

Battle royale continues to be a very popular trend in video games, offering an endless and exciting gaming experience. In particular, the games available for mobile devices have attracted millions of players, with freefire of Garena leading the market. This game allows up to 60 competitors to join an online match, fighting to be the last one standing.

Players start from a plane and land on the stage, looking for loot and weapons to fight their opponents. Those who prefer to go unnoticed tend to have more success in the later stages of the game. However, there are some tricks that can be used to increase the chances of winning. One of them, recently discovered by the community, is to make the username blank or make yourself invisible.

This discovery can be very useful for those who want to stay hidden in the game and avoid being detected by other players. With this technique, players can move more freely and avoid being an easy target for their opponents. Although it does not guarantee victory, it can be an interesting strategy for more experienced players.

How to have an invisible name in Free Fire?

There is a way to write an invisible name and go unnoticed in the games of freefire. Basically, you have to use spaces in the nick change section but there is one detail to take into account.

As is to be expected, freefire it doesn’t let users just use the space bar to put a name. For this reason, you should copy the following commands and paste them into the nick change bar.

  • Invisible space: (ㅤ )
  • Invisible double space: (ㅤㅤ)

When you copy it to your mobile device, all you have to do is enter the application. Hold down the writing section and the paste option will appear. You may have to paste it multiple times since you can’t have the same nick as another player.

How to recover my Free Fire account with ID

  • Accede to this linkGarena’s technical support website.
  • Click on accounts and access.
  • click on Problems logging in and register, then in Account Recovery Process.
  • choose option Send a solicitude.
  • Select I lost my guest account and I want to recover it.
  • Write our email and, in subject, write “I lost my account and I would like to recover it”.
  • A text box will be displayed where we can describe our problem. There we will have to explain everything in detail and a Garena assistant will assist us as soon as possible.
  • Explain the method with which we log in to freefire and our player ID of the account we want to recover.
  • Once each detail is mentioned, click SEND.

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