17 April 2023

How to hide in Free Fire to win in Battle Royale

By Donald

The objective of freefire is to survive to the end. You don’t need to fight every time, just be experienced enough to know when to fight and how to hide until you find the perfect opportunity to strike. Without a doubt, it is a suitable technique for those who have a less aggressive combat style and take advantage of ambushes.

Anything goes when you play the Battle Royale mode of freefire. Being the only survivor does not mean that you need to kill all rivals, but just survive until you are the last one alive. Playing hide and seek in the video game allows you to attack from a distance without being noticed or make deadly shots at close range if you manage to hide successfully. Here are some tips so you can hide and improve your chances of victory.

FREE FIRE | How to hide like a PRO

  • Choose your location wisely: At the start of the game, choose a place where you can hide and keep a good view of the area. Avoid crowded places where you will be easily found.
  • Use the terrain to your advantage: Take advantage of the terrain and vegetation to camouflage yourself. Hide your character behind the bushes, trees or rocks. This will allow you to avoid being seen by other players.
  • Be careful with sound: in freefire, the sound is key. Try to avoid making noise that might give you away, such as running or shooting unnecessarily. Use your headphones to detect the presence of other nearby players and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Use crouch mode: crouching makes you less visible and allows you to move more stealthily. You can also use pronation mode to make your character even harder to spot.
  • Take advantage of special items: Some in-game items, such as smoke grenades, can help you hide from other players. Use these items wisely to confuse your opponents and escape.

By following these tips, you will be able to hide in freefire and have a better chance of winning. Always remember to be attentive and strategic in the way you play. Good luck!

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