16 April 2023

How to install free paid games for Android

By Donald

Time flies by and we are at the beginning of another week. Let’s take a look at the paid games that you can install for free from the Google Play app store in Android. Keep in mind that these apps are exclusive but can be yours for a limited time only. We leave the links so you don’t miss this opportunity.

If you find something interesting in the list below but you know you won’t be using the app right now, install the app anyway, then delete it from your device. Android. In this way, the application becomes part of the application library and you can reinstall it for free when you need it. A good way not to miss a short promotion.

ANDROID | Free paid games on Google Play

  • Kids to Grandmasters Chess (4.2 stars / $4.49 ): An educational chess game that will not only help your little ones to spark their interest, but also help them understand the basics to more complex moves.
  • Burning Fortress 2 (4.1 stars / $0.99 ): Do you have what it takes to keep your fortress safe from approaching enemies?
  • sphaze (4.7 stars / $0.99 ): a sci-fi puzzle game that looks futuristic and yet attractive.
  • bulbs (4.0 stars / $0.99 ): a variation of the classic game of simon. Are you able to keep your wits about you?
  • Hero Z (4.8 stars / $1.99 ): Another isometric top-down shooter that sees you survive against the undead, where your wits are the key to staying alive.
  • Zombie Age 2 Premium (4.4 stars / $0.99 ): It’s the zombie apocalypse as you engage in this side-scrolling shooter in a race for survival against hordes of the undead.

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