7 May 2023

How to install free paid games on iOS for your iPhone and iPad

By Donald

The app store Manzana for iOS devices, known as the App Store, is promoting a selection of exclusive apps that normally come at a cost, but are currently free to download. These apps promise to provide a higher quality experience compared to free apps. The installation of these applications is very simple and does not require adding payment information to the user account. Take this opportunity to download premium apps at no cost.

Unlike the free offers of Google play on Android, the promotions of the app store of Manzana they are more difficult to predict, because the company does not specify how long you will have access to the discount.

If you find an app interesting, but can’t really use it right now, we recommend installing it anyway and then removing it from your computer. This way, the app becomes part of the app library and you can reinstall it for free.

APPLE | Free paid games on the App Store

  • AirAttack 2 (4.8 stars / $0.99 ): Fantastic looking shooter game that keeps you busy as you dodge oncoming projectiles while taking your best shot.
  • Math Chompers (5.0 stars / $0.99 ): Do you want your little ones to be good at math? Maybe this game can instill the fundamentals in your kids in a fun way…
  • dot line (4.2 stars / $0.99 ): how good is your memory? See the pattern that appears and you will need to repeat it smoothly to progress.
  • Car Mechanic Tycoon (4.2 stars / $2.99 ): Running a business can be tricky, especially as a car mechanic. How well can you run this business to end up filthy rich?
  • Mazetron (4.5 stars / $0.99 ): Remember those old school arcade cabinets with a high score? You control a red square that wanders around the screen, avoiding obstacles. The more you survive, the higher your score will be…
  • Asteroid Apocalypse (4.3 stars / $0.99 ): there is an avalanche of asteroids heading your way. Your task is to save the planet by blowing up these rocks with your arsenal of weapons.

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