11 April 2023

How to perfect your aim in Free Fire without using hacks or macros

By Donald

Aim is key in freefire to climb the ranks and get more rewards. There are those who promise to always hit the target by installing hacks or macros. The idea is to be a good player in every way and avoid getting banned, so there are several activities within the law that will make you a professional in a matter of time.

Remember that freefire penalizes cheating in games. Garena has channels enabled to report those suspected of cheating. It is easy to tell because the aim is very perfect or the opponent is practically immune to the damage received.

FREE FIRE | Tips to improve aim

  • Practice in training mode: the training mode in freefire It’s a great way to improve your aim. You can practice shooting at static and moving targets. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the game to your preferences and practice with different weapons.
  • Use the Proper Sensitivity Settings – Sensitivity is an important part of the game that can influence your aim. Experiment with different sensitivity settings until you find the one that is most comfortable for you.
  • Find a comfortable position for you: make sure that you are sitting in a comfortable position that is suitable for you. This will allow you to have better control of the device and increase your precision in the game.
  • Learn to aim correctly: in freefire, it is important to aim correctly to make your shots more accurate. Try to aim for the enemies head as this deals more damage and takes them out faster.
  • Practice recoil correction: weapons in freefire they have recoil, which means the scope will move after each shot. Learn to control recoil and adjust your sights to make your shots more accurate.
  • Play as a Team: Playing as a team can help you improve your aim by allowing you to have someone cover you while you focus on shooting. Also, your teammates can give you helpful tips on how to improve your game.

Remember that practice makes perfect, so keep practicing and never give up. With time and dedication, you will surely improve your aim and become a player of freefire better every time.

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