25 April 2023

How to play in Crime City, the island of Fortnite inspired by GTA

By Donald

The Creative Way of Fortnite has received a new update, allowing players to experience a game similar to Grand Theft Auto on the map called Crime City. We tell you what it is about and what you must do to join the games.

Created by RajanPlaysGames, the map is full of details and features, including missions to find hidden objects, rob ATMs and eliminate other players. The stage has a capacity for up to 48 players per lobby and is very popular with hundreds of players simultaneously.

Crime City is an open world map that features elements from the series Grand Theft Auto, such as PvP combat and heists, and players can buy supercars and property, as well as earn money by completing missions and eliminating other players. In addition, the map is updated weekly with great changes and news.

Do you want to join in the fun of Crime City? Players can access the map by entering the island code 3275-5218-3618 in the game mode selection menu and making sure their matchmaking is public. Although there are some glitches with the map, it is still one of the most popular creative maps on Fortnite.

FORTNITE | Gameplay in Crime City

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