7 May 2023

How to request a refund in Free Fire through iOS, Android and PagoStore in May 2023

By Donald

The players of freefire They can request a refund for various reasons, such as errors in the purchase of in-game items, technical problems, or detection of unauthorized transactions. Also, in some cases, players may regret purchasing a particular item and want to get their money back. It is important to take into account that each platform and payment method has its own refund policies, so it is necessary to read the conditions carefully before requesting a refund.

You probably haven’t read the terms and conditions of freefire to find out that purchases are final and non-refundable. However, the developer Garena allows a one-time refund for the wrong amount of diamonds purchased.

There is still a way to recover the money and it is not to use the amount of diamonds purchased. It is enough that there is a diamond and you will ruin the refund of freefire, which will depend on the form of payment you have made. Remember that not every return request is approved.

First you will have to send a request to the customer service of your account freefire. Username, player ID, payment area and photo of the payment receipt (available in your email that you registered) will be the data you will need for the process. Please note that the request must be made within 24 hours of making the purchase.

FREE FIRE | How to request a refund from Google Play

Access the Google Play application and then enter your profile (the icon in the upper right corner). There select “Payments and subscriptions” to access the order history and select the “Report a problem” option and there you will choose the “Request a refund” solution. The answer will reach you between one and five days.

FREE FIRE | How to request a refund from iOS

Enter the problem reporting platform at Apple through this link. There you will put your Apple ID, you will enter the platform to select your refund request and indicate that your report is about Free Fire. Then all you have to do is send the request.

FREE FIRE | Refund with PagoStore

If the purchase was through this platform, the return will be even more difficult, because you will have to contact [email protected] explaining your case and why you need the refund.

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