19 April 2023

How to take in Free Fire all the “Duel of Felines” costumes from the Incubator

By Donald

Give a new style to your character freefire through the rewards available in the Incubator. You have 21 days to try your luck and spend various diamonds (the premium currency of Battle Royale) for each spin and collect enough tokens according to your luck. We explain the dynamics for you to decide your investment.

On this occasion, the Incubator is offering freefire four exclusive Dueling Cat costumes: Fire Leopard, Fire Cat, Snow Leopard and Snow Cat. Each version has a certain cost of Evolution Stones and Royale Tokens.

FREE FIRE | Incubator skin rewards

  • Fire Leopard: 3 royale tokens + 7 evolutionary stones
  • Feline of Fire: 3 royale tokens + 7 evolutionary stones
  • Snow Leopard: 2 royale tokens + 4 evolutionary stones
  • Snowcat: 2 royale tokens + 4 evolutionary stones

To get the tokens needed to purchase each outfit, players in freefire they will have to try their luck at roulette. By 60 and 270 diamonds, users will be able to make one or five spins, respectively. Luck will decide if you get the stones and scrolls, or just alternative prizes like Magic Cubes and gun boxes.

More surprises in Free Fire

More surprises in Free Fire

freefire It is available on mobile devices with Android and Apple iOS operating systems. You can also play it on PC with the installation of Android emulators.

FREE FIRE | free diamonds

There are three ways to get free diamonds in freefire. The first is to download Google Opinion Rewards to complete short surveys and earn Google Play credits, which you can then use to buy diamonds on freefire.

The second way is by going to GPT (Get-pay-to) websites and applications. Some of the most popular are Swagbucks, Prize Rebel, Easy Rewards, and Poll Pay. Users will need to perform various tasks like surveys and quizzes to receive gift cards. With these you can go to freefire and buy the diamonds that are needed.

Lastly, the players freefire they can participate in sweepstakes and custom rooms to get free diamonds. Several YouTube channels and Instagram pages host giveaways that give players the chance to get diamonds at no cost. It’s just a matter of surfing the net.

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