13 April 2023

How to unlock the new Renegade Raider skin for free in Fortnite

By Donald

Thinking of giving your avatar a personal touch? Fortnite? Renegade Raider is possibly the rarest skin in battle royale history. Its cost of 1200 V-Buck made it extremely rare in matches, but there is a new version that Epic Games has added in the store and you can win it for free.

A new version of Renegade Raider call Renegade Runner. If you are interested in getting this skin for free, you can participate in the Renegade Runner Cup on Wednesday, April 12. The event will take place at different times around the world, so it is recommended that you check the exact time in your region in the Compete tab of the game. Keep in mind that you will need a teammate, since the Cup is a duos competition.

The great thing about the event is that the players of Zero Build they will also be able to unlock the new version of the skin for free. The next Cup will have regular versions and Zero Build of the game.

In total, approximately 4,000 players from Fortnite they will receive the mask for free. The highest ranked players will also get matching accessories, pickaxes, and wraps. Also, whoever earns eight or more points will get an exclusive emoticon.

If you don’t participate in the event, you can get the new skin by purchasing it from the Item Shop. According to Epic Games, the outfit will be released on Saturday, April 15.

the outfit Renegade Runner it’s rare (blue), which means it will probably cost 1200 V-Bucks. The Renegade Star pickaxe is rare (Green) and should be priced at 500 V-Bucks, just like the wrap.

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