3 May 2023

How to verify in Free Fire an account reported in May 2023

By Donald

Basic information for every player of freefire. Sometimes we detect cheaters in games, so Garena has a system to report accounts. Reports can be about activities such as cheating, harassment, offensive language, fraudulent behavior, among others.

The process is quite simple, but many wonder how to verify an account reported in freefire. If this is your case, the only way to verify its status is through Garena’s automated report review system. The report review process may take a few days, depending on the number of outstanding reports the support team has. freefire.

If the reported account is verified as having violated the game’s policies, the account will be permanently suspended or banned. If the account is verified as a legitimate account, there will be no action taken against it.

FREE FIRE | How to verify a reported account

Verify an account reported in freefire it is extremely simple. You must access the Garena support page to access the account verifier. You will see it on the first screenshot with a search engine in which you must write your ID to verify it. At best, your account will be available for you to log in and play as usual. Otherwise, you will have to find out what happened to try to recover your account.

Garena explains that the accounts of freefire they can be suspended for the use of third-party programs such as scripts and hacks. “The use of any third-party program that partially or totally modifies the game (including those that do not have any type of advantage within it) is totally prohibited. Also, abusing bugs, exploits, promoting the use of hacks/scripts or any behavior that negatively affects the game experience for other players will result in a permanent ban.”maintains the company.

Players may also be affected by a chargeback. “Chargeback hold is a purchase that was made but not paid for; however, the diamonds were sent to the account in question. This is because there was a cancellation of the payment, which generated debts with the payment provider and with Garena”.

FREE FIRE | How to report an account

To report an account in freefire, you must go to the profile of the player in question and select the “Report” option. Make sure to provide a clear and detailed description of the reason for the report to help the Free Fire support team make the right decision when reviewing the account.

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