18 April 2023

How to wear the Pop Idol outfit in Gold Royale in Free Fire

By Donald

You have 44 days to get the Pop Idol costume in freefire, the Battle Royale created by Garena. The survivors will have to save a lot and play several games to have enough resources to invest in the Gold Royale of the Luck Royale. The most interesting thing about the event is that you don’t have to invest real money like you do with diamonds, but rather put your skills to the test on the pitch.

Let’s start with the most basic. Each spin on Gold Royale roulette has a fixed cost in Gold and an assigned probability of obtaining a specific reward. Players can take multiple spins in a session, with each spin increasing their chance of getting a rare reward on the next spin. Items earned in Gold Royale do not affect the gameplay of the game, but are highly valued by players due to their rarity and exclusivity.

Unlike the Diamond Royale, the community will have to invest gold to spin once or ten times. By doing it ten times, the system will reward you with an extra spin. In case you want to save, players can make a free spin every day until the end of the event freefire. Also, the more spins you do, the more fire luck and a chance to win the jackpot. This resets once you have obtained the best reward.

“The more you spin, the more likely you are to hit the jackpot. Once you get it, the Fire Luck will be reset.”Garena specifies about the fire luck. Every three rounds, you are guaranteed to find 1 epic item. If you want to buy 10 rounds at a time, you will earn an additional round.

Also, the accumulation of spins means that you can obtain additional prizes (loots with Gold Royale tickets, Tokens, etc.). Of course, the spin account is reset every Monday at 4:00 am

After the free spin, users will have to pay 300 gold for each spin and 3000 for ten spins plus one extra.

New event in the Garena game

New event in the Garena game

FREE FIRE | how to earn gold

To earn enough gold, players of freefire They must play games. Depending on the number of games and performance, the system will offer more gold. You can also opt for daily missions. At the same time that you play your games, you can do different challenges or challenges to add coins and rank up.

Another alternative is to qualify for the best ranks to obtain prizes at the end of each season. The higher the rank, the higher the prizes and the amount of gold you receive will be better and better.

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