19 April 2023

Is my cat too skinny?

By Donald

Is my cat too skinny?

Cats come in different sizes: there are fat cats, big cats, small cats, skinny cats, and all those adjectives that describe cats. But when is it too skinny for a cat? Should it be treated accordingly? Is my cat too skinny? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Cats vary in appearance because differences in cat breeds cause differences in physical characteristics. Being skinny in one breed of cat could mean that another cat is not skinny at all. It all depends on the cat’s size, general health, diet, and lifestyle.

Signs that your cat is too skinny

Here are some signs that can tell you if your cat is skinny. These signs mainly involve differences in your cat’s appearance and body from other cats.

  • You can see that your cat has a noticeably very narrow waist compared to the other cats.
  • The ribcage is easy to see and is more prominent than in most cats. The shoulder blades are also prominent.
  • The spine and ribs can be seen, and the outline of these bones can be seen from the outside.
  • There was a marked lack of fat on the back and ribs, which explains the protruding bones found there. You will notice that there are no wrinkles on the cat’s body.
  • Your cat’s stomach is most likely full.
  • In addition to an apparently very narrow waist, a thinning of the neck area can also be observed.
  • Just by looking at your cat’s size and appearance, you can tell if your cat is too skinny if it deviates from the normal size of a cat that looks a lot like an hourglass.


How to recognize if they are thin

If you are not satisfied with the above indicators, you can check it yourself. There are several ways to tell if your cat is really skinny compared to other cats.

1. Use your hands

Your hand is a good way to gauge your cat’s body fat content. Long-haired cats can be difficult to weigh because it means removing their fur to get an accurate measurement of their weight. With your hands, feel the cat’s body, ribs, and back.

Rub lightly to judge if there is enough fat to protect the ribs and spine. If the spine and ribs are prominent and protruding, your cat may be losing weight for her own good. Too much fat is also not ideal for your cat, nor will it help.

2. More bone checks!

Just as you check the area around the ribs and spine for fat content, you can also check the area around the pelvic bones and shoulder blades. Due to the lack of layers of fat on the body, skinny cats will be more angular and look really slim.

3. Check your diet

It’s a good idea to check the nutritional content of the cat food you feed your cat. If it’s the brand of cat food you’ve been using the longest, it may be time to ditch it and look for another one that is healthy and contains the nutrients and minerals your cat needs.

What could be causing your cat to lose weight?

1. Your cat is not getting the nutrition it needs

There is a chance that even though we feed cats plenty of cat food, this does not equate to the fact that they are getting the nutrients they need to sustain life. There are cat foods made specifically for weight gain. Maybe you should try these cat foods instead!

2. Activity

Check if your cat is very active and energetic. This could also be a possible reason why your cat is skinny. You’re probably burning all those calories because of the amount of activity you’re doing.

3. Fast metabolism

Your cat’s metabolism can also be very efficient. No matter how much food they eat, no matter how healthy and balanced their diet is, it seems that all efforts are in vain. Talk to your vet about helping your cat gain weight!

Remember that all the data presented here is just a compilation of information from the internet, be careful when using it. Always consult an expert before making a decision about the health of your pets.