3 May 2023

NVIDIA RTX 4070 reports over 100 fps at 4K resolution in Redfall

By Donald

NVIDIA announces the availability of its latest GeForce Game Ready driver, which optimizes the system for gaming redfallnow available on Steam with support for NVIDIA DLSS 3 and NVIDIA Reflex. GeForce RTX gamers will be able to experience the game with improved image quality and faster performance thanks to these technologies.

By enabling NVIDIA DLSS 3, performance is sped up by 71% on the GeForce RTX 4090, allowing owners to game up to 188 FPS in 4K with all settings maxed out. In addition, the new driver also prepares the system for the upcoming release of Diablo IV Server Slam and Showgunners, which will launch today with support for DLSS 2.

Players can also look forward to more DLSS games in the future, including Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow and System Shock, both of which support DLSS 2 and ray tracing.

Game Ready for Diablo IV Server Slam, with DLSS 2

Following the success of the open beta, Blizzard is inviting players to test its servers at the Diablo IV Server Slam, taking place May 12-14. Players will have one more chance to earn special cosmetic rewards, including the Beta Wolf Cosmetic Pack and a new Mount Trophy.

When playing on a GeForce RTX GPU, gamers can enable DLSS 2 to throttle frame rates, allowing them to experience Diablo IV at the highest levels of detail and resolution. And when Diablo IV launches on June 6, GeForce RTX 40 series gamers will be able to turn on DLSS 3 for even faster performance.

More DLSS Games

The DLSS momentum continues to build as today brings a new list of DLSS games on the way:

  • Showgunners (already available with DLSS 2)
  • Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow (May 24 with DLSS 2 and Ray Tracing)
  • System Shock (May 30 with DLSS 2)

More Game Ready news and updates

  • Day 0 support for:
  • Showgunners, launching today with DLSS 2
  • The addition of GeForce Experience optimal settings for 2 new titles, including:
  • Summoners War: Chronicles
  • KovaaK’s

About Game Ready Drivers

GeForce Game Ready drivers deliver the best experience for your favorite games because they’ve been fine-tuned in collaboration with developers and extensively tested on thousands of desktop and laptop hardware configurations for maximum performance and reliability.

The NVIDIA Game Ready Driver program was built from the ground up as a method to provide the best gaming experience possible. This program creates synergy with game developers by establishing a regular cadence of sharing pre-release game builds and drivers. We work together to find optimizations and fix issues, and we iterate builds accordingly to ensure that both the game and Game Ready Driver deliver the highest quality and performance at launch.

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