26 April 2023

PlayStation Plus: the confirmed games of May 2023 for PS4 and PS5

By Donald

Just days before the end of April, Sony has shared the list of free games that will be enabled in May within the subscription of playstation plus. Only until May 2 the following three titles will be available: Meet Your Maker, Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Tails of Iron.

From that date, you will be able to download another three titles. Remember that you must keep your subscription active to be able to access the titles you claim through this modality. Otherwise, you will only have your traditional library.

Free PS Plus games in May

GRID: Legends (ps4 and PS5): is an exciting racing game developed by Codemasters and published by Electronic Arts. This racing title combines the adrenaline of automobile competitions with an immersive narrative that immerses you in the experience.

With a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, from touring cars to trucks and single-seaters, you’ll be able to compete on exciting tracks and events in different parts of the world. In addition, the game has an online multiplayer mode that allows you to face other players from all over the world to show your driving skills.

Chivalry 2 (P4 and PS5)– Developed by Torn Banner Studios and published by Tripwire Interactive, Chivalry 2 is an epic first-person multiplayer action game set in medieval times. Players can take on the role of knights, archers, spearmen, and other warrior classes as they fight huge battles that can include up to 64 players.

Boasting a realistic melee combat system and a wide variety of weapons and tactics to master, Chivalry 2 offers an intense and exciting gameplay experience. Immerse yourself in the brutality and chaos of medieval warfare as you fight for the glory and honor of your faction.

Descenders (PS4 and PS5)– Players can experience the thrill and adrenaline rush of racing down dizzying mountain tracks while performing spectacular stunts and jumps. Descenders offers rogue-lite style gameplay, which means that each race presents different challenges and procedurally generated obstacles, making each match unique. Using precise and fluid control, as well as a host of challenges and game modes, Descenders will keep you hooked for hours.

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