14 April 2023

Prime Gaming Free Games List for April 2023

By Donald

Amazon Prime Gaming is a membership program that provides multiple advantages in the video game industry, including a free subscription to a Twitch channel, free gifts and exclusive content for popular titles, as well as a monthly opportunity to download games at no cost.

In this opportunity, Prime Gaming offers 15 free titles throughout April. From taking down bad guys in first-person combat to Wolfenstein: The New Order until proving the existence of alien civilizations in Looking for Alienssubscribers have a lot to do depending on the release of each game according to a date on the calendar.

PRIME GAMING | Free games for April 2023

April 6 | Wolfenstein: The New Order (GOG Code) – Live an exciting action adventure in this first-person combat title with a deep narrative.

April 6 | Ninja Commando (Amazon Games App) – Fight, shoot, use ninja tricks and deadly blows to protect history from the merchants of death who plan to unleash chaos on the world.

April 6 | Art of Fighting 3 (Amazon Games App) – Take on multiple fighters using the ultimate KO system and other mechanics in this tangential side story from the Art of Fighting series.

April 13 | The Beast Inside (GOG Code) – Experience real terror by fighting enemies and solving puzzles in this story of long-hidden secrets, personal tragedies, and madness.

April 13 | Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition (Amazon Games App) – Assemble a party of Dungeons & Dragons heroes and explore the frozen tundra in this retro fantasy adventure.

April 13 | Crossed Swords (Amazon Games App) – Utilize weapon attacks, magic attacks, and your defensive ability as you fight your way through seven intense stages to defeat the demon Nausizz.

April 13 | Ghost Pilots (Amazon Games App) – Fly an outdated seaplane and wage an intense battle against a mysterious combat unit in this shooter.

April 20 | Beholder 2 (Amazon Games App) – Take on the role of an intern at the central ministry to rise through the ranks or turn against the state and denounce corruption. Up to you.

April 20 | Terraformers (Amazon Games App) – Explore the red planet, develop spectacular cities, propagate life, and terraform the planet with ambitious projects in this expansive turn-based colony builder.

April 20 | Metal Slug 4 (Amazon Games App) – Join the new characters, Trevor and Nadia, and use the new items effectively to get the highest score with the new metallic system.

April 20 | Ninja Masters (Amazon Games App) – Play as the main hero, Sasuke, on his quest to kill Nobunaga and end his reign of terror and war in this ninja-themed competitive fighting game.

April 27 | Looking for Aliens (Legacy Games Code) – Prove the existence of alien civilizations by finding clues about them on Earth, the Moon, and the far reaches of the galaxy.

April 27 | Grime (Amazon Games App) – Crush your enemies with living weapons that mutate form and function in this fast-paced and relentless action-adventure RPG.

April 27 | Sengoku (Amazon Games App) – Use your power as a feudal lord to unite the land of the rising sun under an iron fist.

April 27 | Magician Lord (Amazon Games App) – Take on the role of the magician Elta, who sets out on a journey to save the world from Gal-Agiese, who has come back to life in this side-scrolling action game.

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