27 April 2023

Steam shares the special discounts of the developer Devolver

By Donald

Return Digital is the company that stars in the new event of Steam, the virtual store for PC video games. For a limited time only, you will be able to access special offers and you can even buy the “Return 2022 Collection” package for 261 soles, reduced from 539, where you will find up to nine games.

Devolver Digital’s individual game discounts include critically acclaimed and highly popular titles. Among them, “Terra Nil” stands out for 56.00 soles, “Cult of the Lamb” at 45.50 soles, “Incryption” with a price of 30.00 soles and “Wierd Est” for 36.00 soles. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy these incredible games at special prices.

Steam also offers discounts on other Devolver Digital games such as “Shadow Warrior” for 45.00 soles, “Loop Hero” for just 11.05 soles, “Return to Monkey Island” for 49.00 soles and “Death’s Door” for 21.50 soles. These titles are ideal for those looking to expand their game collection and enjoy new experiences.

Featured Steam Discounts

  • Terra Nil (56.00 soles)
  • Cult of the Lamb (45.50 soles)
  • Registration (30.00 soles)
  • Wierd Est (36.00 soles)
  • Shadow Warrior (45.00 soles)
  • Loop Hero (11.05 soles)
  • Return to Monkey Island (49.00 soles)
  • Death’s Door (21.50 soles)

Our personal recommendation is Loop Hero, which you will find for 11.05 soles in the store. It is an innovative role-playing and strategy video game developed by Four Quarters and published by Devolver Digital. The title combines elements of deck building, roguelike and resource management in a game with a retro setting with graphics inspired by the 8-bit era.

In Loop Hero, players take on the role of a hero who must navigate a constantly changing world, fighting monsters and collecting resources. The objective is to complete cycles on an automatically generated map, placing terrain cards and enemies to modify the environment and improve the character’s abilities.

It stands out for its unique mechanic, which combines deck-building strategy with automatic character progression across the map, allowing players to focus on planning and decision-making.

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