19 April 2023

tabby cat names

By Donald

tabby cat names

Are you looking for a cute, trendy, or whimsical name for your new tabby cat? Well you’re in luck! In this article, we will introduce you to 50 masculine and 50 feminine names for tabby cats. We will let you know what the name means and the type of character it fits with. It will be worth taking the time to find the perfect name for your unique striped tabby cat!


tabby history

Tabby cats do not come from any particular breed. “Tabbie” is not a breed, but refers to a cat with swirling, striped, and/or spotted fur. They can come in almost any color or combination of colors. However, to be tabby, they must have at least one of these 3 hair patterns! You will find tabbies to be very talkative, intelligent, affectionate and very playful. This means that choosing the right toys for them is very important if they are going to be home alone! If you have other cats, you will soon have a lot of fun watching them play and groom together.

Names for female striped cats

If you are looking for names for a tabby cat, these names will get your creative mind flowing:

  1. monastery- This tabby cat is not bad at all.
  2. akiko—— I like the sun in autumn.
  3. hello – Bring joy to everyone.
  4. Atsuko—— Always helping people out of trouble.
  5. I- Gives you a giggle often.
  6. Bern – A good name for a spunky ginger tabby.
  7. Charity – The hugs were generous with her.
  8. courtney- she is a powerful woman.
  9. Daffodils – I can’t wait for spring.
  10. says – I hate to see someone sad.
  11. Etsuko—— Play with childish joy.
  12. fara – Move faster than lightning.
  13. Ha – It will surely make you laugh.
  14. jewel – Demand the best.
  15. Juana – sweet meow
  16. jovi – will always be happy.
  17. jubilee – Just look for happiness.
  18. Car is – He should be given a restful sleep.
  19. guy – He likes to travel.
  20. Jinjia – means business.
  21. Laleta – Spend happy time together.
  22. Read – Like a leopard.
  23. leeds- Perfect for lively tabby cats.
  24. Lorca – Ready to unleash her wild side.
  25. luana- it’s a lucky charm.
  26. meg I like to dream about the future.
  27. Moriko – He lives for his nap time.
  28. nana- will rule the roost.
  29. Lao Yu – He likes to calm himself down before going to bed.
  30. Oman – Stay and help in a crisis.
  31. pant- He likes to jump.
  32. Pazzi – He will follow your example.
  33. eccentric- It’s so weird.
  34. Eid Mubarak – It’s Spanish for stripes.
  35. Raquel – You must sleep late.
  36. Rukea – Know how to be attractive.
  37. saida—— Always land on your feet.
  38. salama – He looks like a boss.
  39. Sasha – Always take care.
  40. Solara – I like to sunbathe.
  41. Winter Solstice – I’ll love the longest day.
  42. sparrow- He doesn’t let the birds play.
  43. Sunset – go out at night.
  44. Sylvie – Adequate sleep is a must.
  45. Tammy- There is a twin.
  46. tiger – He loves to play with his prey.
  47. beep – May likes to play with her tail.
  48. uma- Know how to express love.
  49. Xylan- Like running on the xylophone.
  50. Yuki- To play in the snow.

striped male cat names

To help you find a trendy name for your male tabby, here are 50 ideas:

  1. alwan- daring but cautious
  2. Brindle – Spanish for tabby.
  3. Bagheera – Like a tiger.
  4. benign- Get smiles out of stone.
  5. brady – He will bring his group back.
  6. Bubbles – Always chasing things.
  7. chancellor – It will be adventurous.
  8. Chaucer – Very popular with the ladies.
  9. Cyrus- Let the sun every day.
  10. Dakari- A great way to start the night.
  11. dexter There is so much wisdom.
  12. Dinesh- It’s a civet.
  13. dream – Always dazed.
  14. flash – There is a striped coat.
  15. For rest – I love the outdoors.
  16. freckle- Stained.
  17. Geelong – It can keep anyone entertained for hours.
  18. Guido- For sleeping cats.
  19. happy – it will make you smile.
  20. to- Never go out in the rain.
  21. hoodie – get all the attention.
  22. jazz- He likes to be caressed gently.
  23. kabila- He likes to try new things.
  24. Acacia- I will always support you.
  25. leonardo- It looks like a painting.
  26. happy- He always has a smile on his face.
  27. rocky – Condemned to go crazy.
  28. macavity – TS Elliot fame.
  29. magal – it’s a blessing
  30. Stains – Spotted like a leopard.
  31. Marble – Great name for a tabby cat of any color.
  32. Manning- Always a crowd pleaser.
  33. Variegated – Get along with your crew.
  34. muffin – love their food.
  35. nigel- Great name for a shy tabby cat.
  36. Ernie- Good luck.
  37. Oskosh – He will be braver than all of them.
  38. pebbles – Never change your position.
  39. pajamas – Make everyone smile.
  40. Rahim – Kind, compassionate and caring.
  41. Ravi – Rise with the rising sun.
  42. Samson – Great name for a fluffy tabby cat.
  43. Shōgo – I like to brag.
  44. Xiaohan- He’s a lucky guy.
  45. Sun- It should lie in the sun.
  46. starbucks – That’s all.
  47. tiger – I like to climb walls.
  48. Vasily – Always in a good mood.
  49. Snowman – From the German word for tabby “getigerte”.
  50. Zahar – There was always a sparkle in his eyes.

Remember that all the data presented here is just a compilation of information from the internet, be careful when using it. Always consult an expert before making a decision about the health of your pets.