19 April 2023

The best Mighty Doom armor and gear combo to level up

By Donald

Mighty Doom tests the mettle of the most experienced players. In addition to knowing which are the most powerful weapons in the game, the community must be attentive to what is the best equipment to face the horde of demons that attack Earth.

In addition to the firepower in games of Mighty Doom, players need protection and certain advantages that go according to the combat style. If you are just starting out, keep reading because you will know what are the best equipment for your Slayer.

MIGHTY DOOM | The best equipment

gold slayer

The Golden Slayer is highly recommended because it costs crystals, which you can get from rewards. The best thing is that it loads the secondary weapon with kills.

Combat Shotgun

The Combat Shotgun is a high-impact weapon, suggested with some abilities like Spread Shot, Double Shot, and Side Shot. His attack is already powerful and gets even better with the aforementioned combination.


Ballista deals high damage to demons weak against plasma, but each shot is difficult for beginners to use. Another option is the Super Shotgun to finish off the largest number of rivals.


Unmaykr is especially strong against demons that are weak to plasma. Its three-way silver bolt projectile, which quickly fires the round, is easy for beginners to use.

Flame Belch

This launcher is powerful against enemies weak to plasma and is smooth to handle. If you are a beginner, it is highly recommended instead of Arc Grenade, Flag Grenade, and Acid Spit.

The best armor for Slayer

Cultist Helmet: increases damage and crit rate by up to 120% at max rarity. It’s best against an enemy that has a pool of power and barely takes any damage.

Exultant Gauntlets: increases the damage rate of Slayers. At epic rarity, grants up to 40% bonus boss damage. Therefore, highly recommended for tough bosses like Prowler.

Demonic Chestplate: offers a maximum 5% damage resistance against all attacks. Additionally, increases the maximum health of Slayers based on rarity.

Demon Boots: the player’s maximum health and damage against all attacks are increased. At epic level, his projectile and melee dodge chance can be increased by up to 5% and his maximum health is +40.

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