3 May 2023

The PS5 Pro console is a reality according to insider and the development kits would arrive soon

By Donald

PlayStation got the gamer community used to acquiring various versions of its console. While the base PS4 console was released in 2013, over the next few years it released different editions, such as the Slim and Pro, with other hardware features. playstation 5 could continue this trend.

As explained by the insider Tom HendersonSony would be planning to share the development kits of the new PlayStation 5 Pro console so that developer companies begin to test the graphics and processing power.

Rumors indicate that the sale would only take place in November of next year; for this reason, the distribution of development kits would be accelerated. The portal Insider Gamingof Henderson, explains that his March report was dismissed due to some inaccuracies.

PS5 Pro sale date

However, he states with “100% certainty” that the PS5 Pro console is currently in development, but warns that the project could be canceled at any time due to internal Sony issues. For now, only the sale window of the end of 2024 is being considered.

In the next two months, Sony could be distributing the first development kits to first party companies. Third-party companies would only receive their kit at the end of 2023.

At the moment, Sony keeps all content about the development of a new console in reserve. But looking at the lifespan of the PS4, it should come as no surprise that at some point either the PS5 Slim or the Pro version is announced.

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