27 April 2023

The web pages to read manga online legally

By Donald

If you are an anime lover, perhaps it is time to make the leap to being a manga reader. Normally, when the adaptation to television is made, some elements or passages are omitted. However, the original work of the mangakas has all the information of the characters and the plot of your favorite anime. Dragon Ball Super, for example, is currently developing the “Super Hero” saga in the manga, where it shares images that did not make it to the 2022 film.

Next, we share some of the most popular websites to read manga online and their respective links. In this way, you will be able to support your favorite creators and artists, in addition to avoiding entering portals that may put your digital security at risk.

Websites for reading manga

  • Crunchyroll Manga: One of the best-known platforms in the world of anime and manga, Crunchyroll Manga offers a wide variety of series and constant updates. Among his most popular works are “Attack on Titan”, “Fairy Tail” and “The Sword of the Immortal”. Sign up and enjoy a unique experience with your subscription.
  • VIZ Media: one of the largest manga distributors in the world. With an extensive and up-to-date library, you’ll be able to find iconic titles like “Naruto”, “One Piece” and “My Hero Academia”. In addition, it offers an application for mobile devices that facilitates reading at any time and place.
  • Kodansha Comics: Kodansha Comics is another great option to read manga legally. With a wide variety of titles, this platform is known for popular works like “Attack on Titan”, “Fairy Tail” and “Ghost in the Shell”. Don’t miss out on their exclusive releases and special offers for subscribers.
  • ComiXology: owned by Amazon, it is a paradise for lovers of comics and manga. ComiXology offers a huge selection of titles and genres to suit all tastes. Among his notable works are “Akira”, “Death Note” and “Vinland Saga”. Enjoy reading in the cloud and sync your comics between devices with its app.
  • BookWalker: is a digital distribution platform specialized in manga and light novels. Some of the most popular titles in their catalog include “Re:Zero,” “No Game No Life,” and “Konosuba.” With its loyalty program, accumulate points on each purchase that you can exchange for discounts on future purchases.

The mentioned platforms offer a wide variety of titles and genres, ensuring you a high-quality and safe reading experience. Enjoy manga to the fullest with these legal options, and don’t miss out on the most popular works each has to offer.

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