28 April 2023

Twisted Metal, the action series, shares its first official poster

By Donald

The video game They are the new source of inspiration for the big producers. Recently, the broadcast of the first season of The Last of Us was closed on the HBO Max streaming platform and a second part has already been confirmed.

Other video game sagas such as Uncharted, Pokémon and recently Mario Bros. have had their respective movies. Now it is the turn of Twisted Metal.

First official Twisted Metal poster

The actor Anthony Mackie will play the protagonist of the production, John Doe, and already has his own official poster where some details appear that many gamers will recognize.

Let’s start with the truck that appears behind, which has the characteristic clown on top. But it is not the only distinctive thing about the console game.

We also see that the car Mackie is in has guns on the sides. Those who have enjoyed video games know that in the fun games of Twisted Metal, players find weapons, missiles and other abilities around the stage.

The IGN medium had access to the first official poster of the series. The cast will be made up of Nave Campbell (Raven), Stephanie Beatriz (Quiet), Thomas Haden Church (Agent Stone) and Will Arnett.

While the direction of the project is in charge of Rhett Reese and Paul Wernickm.

First official Twisted Metal poster.  Photo: IGN

First official Twisted Metal poster. Photo: IGN

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