18 April 2023

What are the best Mighty Doom weapons according to their type

By Donald

Mighty Doom it is quite a success in the Android and iOS app stores. The Bethesda-developed shooter sees players take on the role of a hero, who must fight against the demonic forces that have invaded Earth. For your mission, you will need the best weapons and yes, there are a lot to choose from. Here we tell you which are the best available.

weapons in Mighty Doom they come in three forms: primary, secondary, and ultimate. Not all weapons are created equal, and some weapons can destroy entire rooms of demons without much effort.

The first recommendation is to experiment with the weapons that interest you. It’s not until the last few chapters that the game becomes so difficult that you’ll want to change your strategy and focus on the best weapons.

The best weapons of Mighty Doom

Depending on your combat style, the weapons listed below may not be the best, but they certainly deserve a shot above the rest. We share the best weapon of each type and what would be a second choice.

Best Primary Weapon: Heavy Cannon

Optional: Combat Shotgun

The Heavy Barrel isn’t as powerful at close range as the Combat Shotgun, but it’s great for taking out demons with precision without putting yourself in danger. The combat shotgun is extremely useful for the early chapters, and can still come in handy late game, but you’ll want to be so close to your enemy that every pellet hits your demonic target.

Best Secondary Weapon: Gauss Rifle

Optional: Super Shotgun

The Gauss Rifle is incredibly strong when paired with specific mods; if you don’t have mods equipped, you’re better off using Ballista to deal heavy damage to specific hard enemies. Equip the Bounce + Pierce mods to clear entire rooms of enemies. This causes the projectiles to bounce off walls and through enemies, damaging everything in the room.

Best Ultimate Weapon: Chainsaw

Optional: BFG

The chainsaw is one of the best weapons in the game, all because it gives you invincibility lapses. Use it to get away from dangerous areas without putting your health at risk. The BFG is naturally another strong contender. If you’re not using the modded Gauss Rifle and need an ultimate that can clear out a room full of demons, the BFG is a great option.

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