13 April 2023

What are the changes that Free Fire OB39 made to Mill and Pochinok

By Donald

freefire has updated the dynamics of the games with the OB39 patch. In addition to the new character stats and their corresponding abilities, developer Garena has altered various aspects of the maps. Pay attention to details, because they can determine your victory in the future.

For Mill in the mode Squad DuelGarena points out that the victory rates of the two teams have a high discrepancy. “The team closest to the transparent yellow stairs took much longer than the other to get to the top, making them an easy target to hit when running up the stairs. On the other hand, if the team chose to run up the hill from the right, they would lose the advantage. So in this patch we adjusted Mill’s layout to ensure fairness for both teams.”they explain on the shooter’s official website.

For these reasons, Garena made the following changes to the map of freefire:

  • The yellow ladder has been moved to ensure a safer route to the platform.
  • Removed the tire that allows you to bounce up to the ceiling.
  • Removed the two cars from the platform and added a crate to decrease the advantage when hiding behind cover.
  • More covers on the ground floor and changed the layout of the cards for various assault routes.
  • Added cardboard on the route to/from the hill to be able to return to the starting location.

FREE FIRE | Changes in Pochinok

garena also holds that in the mode Squad Duel in Pochinok a big discrepancy happens in the win rates of the two teams. “The team that started furthest from the 2-story warehouse was an easy target as they rushed into the structure. If the team chose to go around the wings or return to the original position, it was still an easy target and could lose its advantageous position. When the area narrows to the center, they would have to take enemy fire from the top of the warehouse. Therefore, we adjusted Pochinok’s layout to improve balance.”they explain.

As it is, the changes in Pochinok are the following:

  • Covers have been added to the empty area in the center, where the safe zone is usually reduced. This would ensure fairer movement and security for both sides during combat.
  • The gaps between the different structures have been closed to make way for more combat strategies.

freefire is a third-person shooter game for mobile devices. It was developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena. In this game, players face off on a remote island and have to fight each other to be the last survivor. Players can choose their starting point on the map and collect weapons, ammunition, and supplies to help them in battle.

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