19 May 2023

What are the Khazars? – Learn the characteristics of the Khazars

By Donald

The history of the current peoples in each of the countries is full of wars and the mixture of cultures forced by the conquests. In this sense, the Turks of the Ottoman Empire in their division gave rise to different peoples that sought the creation of a power state, and one of the peoples that managed to become independent and have relevance in the Eurasian continent was the Khazars.

This article explains the Khazars and Zionists concept. In the same way, the distinction is made between this people with the Tartars and the Cathars, in addition to mentioning their relationship with the Byzantine Empire, the Jewish people and their conversion to this religion.

Definition and concept of Khazars or Khazars

Territorial disputes in Europe were frequent due to the number of empires or states that were military powers. In this sense, the greatest exponent was the Roman Empire, since it conquered a large part of the continent and portions in Africa and Asia. However, other peoples also stand out, such as the Persian Empire, the Arab peoples and the Ottomans, who also they gained a lot of territory in their conquests.

One of these peoples were the Khazars, a group of zionist men of Turkish origin who converted to Judaism and participated in several important battles in ancient history.

The word “khazar” is used to designate a Turkic people, that is, they come from the Turkic family and speak that language. Its origin is believed to be in Central Asia, although they settled as a Bulgarian people. The term Khazar is translated from Old Turkic as ‘wandering‘, while in the modern language it is pronounced ‘gezer‘.

Is about an independent khanate of the central Arab or Turkish government, which is known as the Khazarian Khaganate. They are also called Khazars. They settled in the North Caucasus near the Caspian Sea, and from there they conquered a good part of Europe, taking southern Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and the current territories of Georgia, Crimea, and Azerbaijan.

What are the characteristics of the Khazars?

The people of the Khazars have a strong relationship with the Turks and the Ottoman Empire, however it also possessed traits of other Eastern European peoples. For this reason it is difficult to talk about the characteristics of the Khazars without mentioning the diversity that existed among its inhabitants, despite the point where there was the greatest communion was in the religion.

Among some of the main features have:

  • Some of the tribes had different religions, but the Khanate decided to convert to the Judaism as the official religion.
  • The Khazars, as a branch of the Turks, had a certain warrior character and desire to conquer lands.
  • They had a strong rivalry with the Arab empire, due to territorial conflicts.
  • are considered zionistssince they fought for the independence of their Jewish people.
  • Its characteristics also include that they were allies of the Byzantine Empire in their battles against the Sassanid empire.

Where did the Khazars live?

The origin of the Khazars It is not known exactlysince the authors who wrote about them differ from the place of origin of the different tribes.

Some people who wrote about the Khazars describe them as descendants of the lost tribes of Israel, although history remembers them as Turks who migrated to the west. This last theory coincides with the origin of the Khazarian language, which has Bulgarian roots, one of the Turkic peoples of old. Its story begins when the Bulgars and Khazars gained independence from the famous Blue Turks in the 7th century, where they settled in the North Caucasus.

What was the culture of the Khazars like?

The culture of the Khazars was very varied, since the majority of the members of its population they were immigrants. In that sense, a large part of them were Turks and others were Bulgarians, but you also have to count the people you met on the way that they belonged to the tribes of Eastern Europe. In this way a mixture of cultures arose with certain differences in traditions and religions, but with the passage of time they were unified with Judaism.

The social structure of the Khazars divided their people into two sections, following the pattern of the other nations of Turkic origin, and thus the tribe of the Ak-Khazars and the Kara-Khazarsi.e., whites and blacks. This difference has nothing to do with the person’s skin color or ethnicity, but rather with his social position.

In this way, the whites were the people who belonged to the nobility, the leaders of each tribe, in addition to the strongest warriors. For its part, the term “black Khazars” referred to commoners, those with low resources and some bourgeois. The racial mixture presented characteristics of the tribe of the Huns, the Turks and other peoples such as the Armenians.

What is the difference between the Cathars, Khazars and Tatars?

In Eastern Europe there were several towns with similar names and, in fact, some of them have a similar origin. In this sense, it is important to distinguish between the Cathar peoples, the Khazars and the Tatarsin order to avoid confusion when referring to some of these peoples or their territories.

  • The concept of the Khazars indicates that it was a town of Turkic origin with roots from the Huns, who broke away from the government and moved to the North Caucasus. Its origin is uncertain, as there are writings that describe a proto-Khazar population in the 2nd century, but its peak began in the 6th century, in which they converted to Judaism. Along the way they mixed with the Bulgars and other Eastern European peoples, and were allies of the Byzantine Empire in its struggles against the Arab peoples.
  • the cathars or the doctrine of catharism was a religious movement Christian which spread to Western Europe in the mid-11th century. It was established with greater force in France where the feudal lords who were vassals of the Crown of Aragon defended the belief. The Catholic Church considered this movement an act of heresy and requested support from the kings of the country to carry out a crusade that would put an end to the organization.

you don’t have to to confuse the cathars with the katars. Of course, the Katars have a link with the Khazars, since these were the members of the Kazar tribe, who, in some texts, is named as the founder of the Khazar culture.

  • For their part, the tartars refers to another Turkish people who settled in eastern Europe, specifically in Siberia and Crimea. The Tatars, unlike the Khazars, are of Mongolian origin and their influence began in the 13th century. Another difference is that this town was not Jewish, but was divided between Muslims and Orthodox Christians.