12 April 2023

What are the “missions in the game” of Free Fire OB39

By Donald

The OB39 patch freefire brought several novelties to the Battle Royale mode. In addition to the modalities that currently exist, Garena has added “in-game missions”. As crazy as it sounds, now you have to work with your enemies to get bigger rewards.

“In the world of freefire, Kelly has grown tired of the long runs in the Battle Royale mode. She has decided to introduce a new quest system. Kelly will trigger the corresponding events when the missions are completed.”reads the description of the modality on the official website of freefire.

We explain what the dynamics consists of. During the game a mission may appear. Players will trigger events upon completing the quest. Both the missions and the events are random.

You should consider that some games will have hidden missions, and the events corresponding to the missions will be activated automatically upon completion.

Now with all this information, let’s see what are the types of missions currently available in the games of freefire.

  • Eliminate a certain number of enemies within a certain range.
  • Spend a certain amount of FF Coins in the vending machines.
  • Accumulate a certain number of player kills under the UAV.
  • Consume a certain number of mushrooms.

We now share the list of event types available after the update.

  • Discount on items in vending machines.
  • 15 airdrops in the safe zone.
  • Spawn points will not close.
  • Reveal the position of the penultimate safe zone.

Remember to have Free Fire updated on your phone to access all the news of the OB39 patch. You can do it through Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

FREE FIRE | Events on the weekly agenda from April 12 to 18

  • Wednesday April 12: Discount roulette.
  • Friday: Damantes recharge, magic roulette.
  • Saturday: KO Tower
  • Tuesday April 18: Super Wonder Roulette.

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