19 April 2023

What are the Templars? – Learn the history and characteristics of the Templars

By Donald

In the year 1099, the crusaders conquered Jerusalem and established a Christian state in the Holy Land. From there, Christian pilgrims began to travel to this town from various places in Europe, to visit and learn about the sacred places. The roads were full of dangers and threats, as Muslims and bandits threatened their safety.

As a consequence, various military orders were created to protect the pilgrims. If you want to know more about the Knights Templar, you will find it in this article!

Meaning and definition of Knights Templar

It was a medieval military order of catholic current in which the members of this they possessed prowess in battle with which they defended the holy sites for Christians, as well as pilgrims in the Middle East.

Its official name was ‘Order of the Poor Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon‘. The order expanded rapidly and they acquired great wealth, which made it considered one of the most powerful and respected organizations of the time. They were part of the Crusader armies and their headquarters were in Jerusalem, although in the next few years they would move to Acre.

These gentlemen pledged to protect Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land and to fight against the Muslims in the Holy War or the Crusades. During this time they pledged to lead a life of prayer and fasting.

What are the Templars of Christ or God?

It is a military order from the Middle Ages that was founded in Jerusalem in the 12th century. His official name was Order of the Poor Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomonand it is due to the fact that they were initially established in the place where the Temple of Solomon used to be, which was destroyed in the 6th century BC by the Babylonians.

The Templars promised to protect Christian pilgrims who They came from many parts of Europeto visit the holy sites of Jerusalem during the Crusades, and fought against the Muslims in the Holy War.

They were organized as a monastic militia, leading a life entrusted to prayer and fasting. They constantly trained for war and were known for their excellent skill in battle. They identified with a white robe wearing a red cross, which symbolized the suffering of Christ and the blood shed for him. The cross was located on the left shoulder above the heart, the white cloak being a symbol of chastity and purity.

Over time they became one of the most influential and respected military orders of the time.

History of the Templars

The order was established in the year 1119, and for this purpose 7 knights joined, led by a nobleman of French origin, from Champagne, named Hugo de Payns. These swore to defend Christian pilgrims They were going to Jerusalem.

In 1120 Baldwin II, who was the king, handed over to the knights his own palace known as the ‘Al-Aqsa Mosque’ in the Temple Mount of Jerusalem, which used as headquarters. The building was known as the ‘Solomon’s Temple’ and hence its name.

They were officially recognized as an order by Pope Honorius II at the Council of Troyes, becoming the first military order. They were granted permission to wear the white cloak and, furthermore, to adopt the use of the white cloak and the insignia of the red cross. They received the backing of the church for the defense of the Holy Land, being his first battle in 1147 against the Muslims.

The order grew thanks to donations from its sympathizers, who recognized the importance of Christian advocates. These donations were made up of money, land, military equipment, food and even horses, which were reinvested in other properties, such as farms or vineyards, which multiplied the money received.

These expanded throughout Europe, settling in countries like France, England and Portugal. From the 12th century its influence grew. and they fought in other crusading campaigns in the Iberian peninsula, as well as in Baltic crusades against the pagans. By the 13th century they were already positioned as a international military order with many resources at your service.

Regarding the way to recruit new members, they were looking for free men and legitimate sons, although after the 13th century they must have been descendants of knights. In some cases married men were accepted, provided they had the consent of their wife, and were expected to make a large donation upon entry.

They had 2 ranks. the knights and the sergeants, and in the second of these were civil personnel and laymen. There were also other ranks of soldiers such as infantry, squires, and mercenaries. Similarly, priests, pawns and servants.

At the top of the hierarchy was the grand master, who resided in the see of Jerusalem, although later in Acre and Cyprus. Below him was the commanding grand master and marshal.

They stood out for their skill in handling the spear, sword and bowThey also had excellent armor and great training, thanks to which they won many battles such as the Siege of Acre and Constantinople.

Some time later they began to mistrust military orders, because they set their own laws and were considered a threat. In fact, they were accused of abusing their privileges and even become a network of extortion and corruption.

For him 13th century accusations of heresy were made by the Order of the Temple, where they were blamed for denying Christ and God. For all this, the religious and political class joined forces to destroy the Templars and, in the year 1307, King Philip IV ordered the arrest of all the Knights Templar in France, although they were supported by Pope Clement V who dissolved the order. at the Council of Vienne.

What religion did the Templars practice?

They were a Christian military order, therefore the religion they they practiced was christianitymore specifically its roman catholic version. They were recognized for their devotion to defending the faith and protecting Christian pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land during the Crusades.

The Templars considered themselves warriors of Christ and followed strict monastic rules, including taking vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. They also had to perform a series of rituals and religious ceremonies, such as attending daily mass.

Templars recognized in history

  • Hugo de Payns: Founder and first Grand Master of the Order.
  • Bernard of Clairvaux: A monk who played an important role in the creation of the rule and the organization of the Order.
  • Walter of Brienne: Leader of the defense of the castle of Safed in 1188.
  • Andre de Montbard: Nephew of Bernardo de Claraval and second Grand Master of the Order.
  • Gerard de Ridefort: Grand Master of the Order during the siege of San Juan de Acre in 1291.
  • Guillaume de Beaujeu: The last grand master of the order.

Knights Templar news

There are currently no church-backed Knights Templar. In 2011 a family group came together to create a poster called ‘The Knights Templar’, in Michoacán, Mexico. This group of drug traffickers took the name, since they wanted to see themselves as something more than a criminal gangAlthough they are in charge of sending cocaine to South America and chemicals for the production of methamphetamine to Asian countries.

They used Roman helmet during their initiation ceremonies and also distribute propaganda in which they define themselves as champions in the fight against materialism and tyranny. This group and other subgroups that have emerged from them continue to operate in southern Mexico and in Michoacán.