28 September 2022

What is a liturgical calendar? – Concept, history, function, beginning, importance and explanation

By Donald

If you wonder what is a liturgical calendar? Well, you should know what it is. organizing different events or festivals that the Christian church celebrates throughout the year. Likewise, these ephemeris are divided into several cycles, such as Christmas, Three Kings Day, Resurrection Feast, among others.

On the other hand, within this calendar there are also holidays that are variable. But what should be kept in mind is that the main celebration is the easter party. That is why the rest of the important festivities will be fixed around it. In addition, the sole purpose of these organizations so valuable for Christians. It is celebrating the history of salvation in humanity.

Definition of a liturgical calendar

The concept of liturgical calendar is a series of celebrations that take place throughout the year. In that sense, it is with the intention of remembering the history of salvation in men. Also, you should know that these celebrations are divided into two cycles. The first begins in the Advent season and covers the Christmas season.

On the other hand, the second cycle of a liturgical calendar is Easter celebration. Which start with Lent and end on the first Sunday of Advent. Thus, it is essential to highlight that all these festivities are celebrated with the intention of commemorating. The gift of salvation, which Christ Jesus granted to humanity.

Origin story of the liturgical calendar

The origin of the liturgical calendar goes back to the commemoration of Easter. Therefore, this celebration was established in order to celebrate the birth of the Son of God. From there the festivities begin, to celebrate the only true God, that is why. These celebrations refer to helping believers, to obtain the gift of salvation or to reflect on negative actions.

What is the liturgical calendar for?

The purpose or function of the liturgical calendar is that believers have the necessary information on all the celebrations. Besides important church eventsin this way it is intended to remember everything that Jesus has done for the love of his people.

Likewise, followers affirm that they can feel his presence in each liturgical year. since according to the BibleIf they surrender to Him in Spirit and in truth, He will be present in their hearts. Finally, he offers those who participate in the celebrations the hope that one day he will return to his church.

Liturgical seasons and their colors

liturgical times divided into several cycles, and each of these is characterized as a special celebration. Likewise, they differ from the others because the priest, in the mass, usually uses a different color in his vestments. Thus, the liturgical times are: Advent time or waiting time, Christmas, then time begins during the year or better known as ordinary time. This is followed by Lent and ends with Easter time.

Of course, each cycle or liturgical season has a different colorTherefore, the main colors that are usually used are: green, purple, white and red. But there are other auxiliary colors of the Catholic Church, which are: salmon, black and light blue.

When does the liturgical year begin?

The liturgical year is not governed in the same way as a leap year, since it is Starts on the last Sunday of November. Since it is right here, when the Christian community prepares for Christmas and awaits the birth of the Son of God. Finally, it ends on the Saturday before the same date of the following year.

How long is the liturgical calendar?

The liturgical calendar lasts for almost the entire year, since there are cycles that are celebrated at different times. That is why only in the course of the year there is a time of recess that is the cycle called, original time. So, as a conclusion, it can be said that the liturgical calendar has a duration of 30 to 34 weeks of the year.

What is the importance of the liturgical calendar for believers?

For every believer in Christ Jesus, the liturgical calendar is of great importance. Due to the fact that it is through him that one can keep in mind the important dates commemoration. In addition, it allows the whole family to remember what Jesus was capable of doing out of love for this humanity.

How to explain the liturgical calendar to children?

It is very easy to explain the liturgical calendar to children. There is even already an electronic liturgical calendar in the official stores of your mobile device. In the same way, to understand it in a simple way, it is a way of celebrating. while learning what the lord jesus christ taught us like his followers.