16 May 2023

What is Abaddon in the Bible? -Know the meaning and role of it in the Christian religion

By Donald

Abaddon is a term that many people do not know due to the changes made by the translations of the different versions of the Bible, since many of them change the word. So, this article explains what Abaddon is biblically and what his function is. In the same way, the difference of the term with the Greek word Apollyon is described, as well as the relationship of these titles with the Seol or Sheol.

What does Abaddon mean?

In the Bible there are a large number of words and strange names of both characters and places, where each of them has a meaning or meaning. works as a symbol. In this sense, some names represent an allegory of a specific act and others are related to a person or entity of importance, such is the case of Abaddon, since biblically this name can be attributed to both a being and a place of the earth.

Abaddon is a biblical word that finds its translation in the Hebrew language, in which it is also possible to find it with the form abaddon. The term can be seen in the Old Testament and was used in order to describe an abyss to which no end was known, that is, a dark place that went into the interior of the earth and with a very great depth. Thus, the word Abaddon had the function of naming the world of the dead as a synonym of the term Sheol.

Abaddon’s Abyss in written form was not as popular, the better-known name being Sheol, however, it is possible to affirm that they are synonymous words by the translation in the Greek language. In that sense, Abadón was translated as Apollyon to the Greek, while the Sheol it was described in the form of Hades. In this way, both terms expressed the same place, but with a slight difference, since in Greek the TOpolyon is the abysswhile Hades is the depth of the underworld.

Therefore, following this same reference, in the Hebrew the Abaddon represented the abyssbut Sheol It was the destination of evil souls after their death, where a demon took care of them. In some non-biblical writings, the word Abadon is related to the acrididae, which is the scientific name for grasshoppers.

What is Abaddon according to the Bible?

As a biblical word, Abaddon appears repeatedly in the holy book of Christianity, however, its meaning changes. Thus, both in Job and in the book of apocalypse, Abaddon is the name of an angel, although it is not a kind creature that acts as a messenger of God when he descends from the firmament. On the contrary, in Abaddon or Abaddon in Hebrew it describes the king of the army of locusts.

This angel is a character that is of great importance in the Empire of darkness, in Hades or the underworld, which is a place ruled by the fallen angels from heaven and by the devil himself. Therefore, Abaddon is a being that has dominion over these creatures and can control them to unleash a plague.

What is Abaddon according to the Reina Valera?

The famous Reina Valera Bible emphasizes a translation that was applied to the word Abaddon, as well as to the Greek term Apollyon. In this sense, this portal describes that biblically this word represents destructionsince, in its relationship with the Sheol and the abyss, manifests the place that leads to destruction.

In the same way, the Reina Valera expresses that Abadón is related to death, that is, he is a destructive being. On the other hand, other authors provide a more benevolent meaning the angel, as they describe him as a representative of God in Hades, who has in his power the keys of the underworld and will ascend to earth to lead the plagues with the army of locusts or grasshoppers (acrididae). However, his destruction will fall on those who are the enemies of God.

Where in the Bible does Abaddon speak?

The biblical word Abaddon can be found at least five times in the holy book of the Catholic Church, however, the number of repetitions in the book depends on the translation you have at your disposal. Well, some like the Reina Valera use the term correctly, but others use synonyms like ‘TOpolyon’, ‘abyss’ or ‘death’. Therefore, you may not find the word in the places described.

Abaddon appears in the book of Job in 26:6, where he represents death personified, before the temptations that the devil made to test the character’s faith. In the same way, he can be read in the book of proverbs 15:11 where he also talks about death or the end of man’s period on earth. Afterwards, the reader must go to the book of Revelation to find the term again.

In Revelation 9:11 the angel who is in the dark abyss that leads to the underworld is mentioned for the first time, in this section Abaddon is the name of the being that will guide the destruction of enemies of God with his army of plagues.

What is Sheol and Abaddon in the Bible?

sheol or sheol is a word that appears frequently in the Torah, which is the religious book of the Jewish people, however, in some versions of the Bible in the Hebrew translation the term was also used sheol in relation to Abaddon. In that sense, it represents kingdom of the deadhell or underworld, that is, a dark place where the souls in pain go.

What is Abaddon and Apollyon?

Abaddon and Apollyon can be used as the same word, since they contain a similar meaning, however, both are terms from different languages. Abaddon comes from Hebrew, while Apollyon is the translation in the Greek version, both words describe the abyss of the underworld in the Old Testament, but in the New Testament speak of an angel, which according to the version of the bible is a representative of God or a being sent to the underworld for not following the commandments of the creator.

The point where all the versions agree is that this angel dominate the lobsteror, failing that, to grasshoppers (acrididae), one of the plagues of the apocalypse. Therefore, he will be one of the characters that will cause chaos when the day of judgment approaches according to Christian biblical stories.