12 April 2023

What is an Amazon? – Amazons in mythology and history

By Donald

In Greek mythology it is possible to find the Amazons, a warrior people skilled in horsemanship, bow and arrow. However, the Spanish army also encountered a similar tribe in America. So, this article explains the amazon definition and the characteristics of these women. The best conflicts that this town had with the Greeks are also mentioned.

Amazon definition and concept

The mythology of Ancient Greece has a lot of impressive history, stories and fables. From battles like the Trojan War and towns or cities found years later by archaeology. Although the most important of these stories is related to the gods and relevant characters of that time. In that sense, the history of the ancient Greeks frequently mentions the Amazon civilization.

The Amazons were a people found in Ancient Greece, which had great military importance. It was about one civilization formed only by women that had the characteristic of being warriors. So, they were brave, strong people who were preparing to fight throughout their lives.

Despite the fact that their city was located within Ancient Greece, the Amazons also fought against the Greeks. Well, there are several stories in which famous people from this mythology fought with these ladies. For example, Achilles fought against Penthesileawoman who led the Amazons in the Trojan War

For his part, the demigod Hercules defeated Queen Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons. This meeting was one of the hero’s jobs, since he had to take the belt off the woman. The story of Greek mythology tells that this great man was successful thanks to the help of his friend Theseus, who kidnapped antiope, daughter of the queen. This provoked the attack of the Amazons in Attica.

The history of the Amazons in Ancient Greece is real, since there is evidence of the existence of these women. There are numerous writings that narrate facts where some tribes allowed females to hunt. These were nomads, which coincides with the different known settlements of the Amazons. Some were also found tombs of warrior women, andn where their corpses had war wounds and they buried them next to their weapons.

Now, we must also mention the Amazons of the American territory. Well, there are also stories where tribes of warrior women were found near the Amazon river. These were not as strong as the Greeks nor did they possess military-style order. However, they also displayed bravery, character and temperance in defending their town from the Spanish army.

What does it mean to be an Amazon woman in mythology?

In the book of the Iliad, the Amazons are described as women who fight like men. Therefore, it is possible to affirm that they had abilities similar to those of a male army. The meaning of amazon represents strength, skill and character, qualities for which each woman stood out.

According to Herodotus’s definition, the Amazons lived in Scythia, which agrees with what he said aeschylus the playwright. However, the latter claimed that they had such a residence a long time ago. Another definition tells us that his hometown was Terma, which was located on the shores of the Black Sea.

However, the place of settlement of the Amazons that is best known in history is Themyscira. An island that is located near what is present-day Turkey. It was in this place where they demonstrated their best tactical order when defending their territory from recurring enemy invasions.

Greek mythology says that the first Amazon resulted from the encounter of the god Ares with the nymph Harmonia. Here it should be noted that Ares was the god of the war and it is believed that he instructed them in this art. This being guided them in their fight with the Greeks in what is known in Spanish as the Amazonomachy.

What did the Amazons do?

The Amazons were characterized by being skilled in the art of war, so much so that they could be measured with the Achaeans (Greek army). However, the fighting style varied a bit from that of his rivals. In that sense, the Amazons also trained in riding since they were little, because they had a military group that went on horseback.

The riding party was made up of a group of strong female warriors with swordsmanship. So, when the horse was approaching the enemy, the archers they shot their arrows against their enemies, so that the attack came from two points. Some horses even carried two women, one for the sword and the other for the bow.

The Amazon civilization only admitted women, who trained since they were little. It was forbidden for any man to enter Themyscira, as well as any affectionate relationship. However, these women did practice sexual intercoursein order not to let their race become extinct.

Thus, once a year they traveled to their neighbors from the Gargari tribe, where each woman was looking for a man or more. The amazon they only kept the girls that were born from these sexual encounters and prepared them to be warriors. It is said that they sacrificed the males, although it is also possible that they were given to the gargarians.