26 June 2023

What is spirit of service? – Learn how to serve and help other people

By Donald

Serving others selflessly, without expecting anything in return, is a noble virtue of the human being In this article you will be able to learn a little more how to support others, what the common benefit and ways to be useful to society.

What is serving other people?

The service lies in lend help to whoever needs it, it is the loving delivery to attend to the neighbor promptly in their needs.

Being useful is condescending to shake hands or support those who require it, being compassionate, with kind treatment, and a brotherly attitude. This act involves putting yourself in the other person’s place. Consequently, provide assistance in a dignified manner as we would like to be treated.

The spirit of service It is the key to a happy life, because it is said that giving gives more satisfaction than receiving. Helping others is a manifestation of love. The empathy and compassion shown in the service enhances the spirit of the one who provides the aid, in turn full of comfort to the person who receives it.

These values ​​are associated with the solidarity, with putting the common good before their own. The individuals who possess it are tolerant, charitable, friendly, kind and with delivery virtues.

It is necessary to fix your gaze on your brother, put yourself in his place, not be indifferent to their misfortunes and bring a word of encouragement, advice, a compassionate gesture that somehow mitigates their pain.

Jesus commanded us to love and serve, as well as to put the talents and abilities at the service of the brother. Therefore, we are called to foster these Christian values.

What is helping the common good of society?

The development of communities requires its inhabitants to work together without exclusion in favor of the common good. This is understood as everything both material and immaterial that benefits the community in general. For example, nature, water, a park, an educational center, among others.

To help develop this value requires commitment, sense of belonging, since, man is a social being who needs the other. Therefore, in order to realize himself he must seek the everyone’s good, since, this surpasses the particular interests.

In the same way, the cooperation and collective solidarity, understanding that participation is the center of well-being for all, without exclusion, each according to their own possibilities.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that the common good implies justicerespect for the person, their integrity, the exercise of their freedoms.

It brings social welfare and guarantee of human rights. In organized societies, the state must guarantee that material goods are distributed equitably among its inhabitants. In the same way, it must be a guarantor of justice and social peace.

What is the value of solidarity?

Consists in put yourself in the other person’s place to provide you with support. It is a healthy interest in helping the other in their needs. This value goes hand in hand with compassion and generosity, which leads us to act as a whole.

It is said that a person is solidary when he lends selfless help. For example, accompanying a friend to the hospital. There are many ways to be supportive, such as cooperating and putting aside selfish attitudes.

Solidarity includes mutual collaboration between people, which brings great benefits, as it helps to Overcome obstacles in a better way through unconditional support, which makes the burden less heavy.

The caring person does not limit efforts to accompany the needy and do good. On the contrary, add enthusiasm in order to overcome adversity.

These values ​​enhance the dignity of the human being. The caring person is empathic, sensitive and respectful, recognizes the shortcomings of their peers and proceeds to provide a prompt help, taking as their own the burdens of the other. This merit makes the person more human.

In this regard, Jesus points out proverbs 11, 25 that ‘the generous soul will be prosperous… And whoever satisfies another will receive a reward’. Here the Lord speaks to us about the importance of sharing the gifts and resources that he gives us, urges us to have solidarity in favor of those most in need.

Through small actions you can promote these values. For example, through the exercise of sharing both material things and time, accompaniment, our talent. This value helps us live in peace with others and to feel like useful people.

What is giving advice to families with difficult situations?

The family at some point in life faces difficulties. Give advice for overcome adversityThis is a difficult task, especially if you don’t know what to say.

This opinion must be given with respect, and empathy, only in this way can it be achieved guide timely. This in view of the fact that advice can be interpreted as a scolding or an imposition.

It’s not about giving an order or judge a situation. On the contrary, an attitude of listening must be assumed, in order to understand the position of each member of the family. Similarly, it is appropriate wait the best moment and then intervene.

Resolving family conflicts is very important to preserve the Union among its members, hence the value of the council. This support should guide, first of all, the management of emotions in order to facilitate communication, and reach agreements that benefit everyone.

In addition to stating the problem, it is essential to point out the possible solutions. That is why it is important to learn to listen, negotiate and be flexible.

In order to improve coexistence, it is opportune respect time from each other, as well as different tastes. In this way, the individuality of each one is accepted.

Similarly, it is relevant keep the order in common spaces, as well as spending quality time with the offspring. Overcome the difficulties that arise in the family is guarantee to form healthy citizens and harmonious communities.

What does God teach about serving other people?

Sometimes the human being finds it difficult to serve, since he gets carried away by the chores of the day and closes himself in, forgetting that he has a brother next to him with material or affection needs.

Serving is the noblest act that the individual can do, supporting others helps us grow as a person. Doing good with love is gratifying, because through it the virtues of the creator are imitated and the spirit is magnified.

His teachings reflect that he came to earth to serve and not to be served (Matthew 20, 28). His example invites us to a life of dedication, to extend a helping hand to ease the burdens of those who need it.

In different passages of the Bible, Jesus points out the importance of service to the brothers, invites do good only for God (Matthew 6, 1-4). Therefore, helping others must be done in silence, ‘so that your left hand does not know what the right hand gives’. In Galata 5,13 we find that the Lord urges us to serve one another out of love.

In this sense, every day God presents us with a opportunity to help, from the everyday, in a simple way, through a word of comfort, a plate of food, providing support, among others. However, sometimes it is difficult to serve, because this implies leaving the comfort zone. However, this divine mandate can be fulfilled without making a great effort, since, when we are willing to help, we draw closer to Christ.

Serve society from love and solidarity

Creating a fair and free society depends on the degree of dedication and love of each of its inhabitants. For its part, solidarity is a good that is gestated in the family, is strengthened at school and has a positive impact on society. Thus, be supportive represents a connection with the context where we live, which is materialized through the service.

In communities when there is solidarity there are many values ​​that emerge and bring benefits both individual and collective. By helping the other, self-esteem increases, the person feels useful, various qualities emerge that, by putting them at the service of the neighbor, are strengthened.

Societies are what their inhabitants reflect, therefore, collective work is the point to achieve more humane cities. This is based on shared responsibility, where all its inhabitants get involved in social work, providing assistance to those who need it.

Help individuals and families in need

It is a Christian duty to help individuals and families in need. It’s not hard to serve since, there are many ways to provide assistance and do good.

In addition to collecting food, clothing and medicine that are of great help, it is interesting to undertake a social work that allows these vulnerable people learn a job according to their abilities. In this context, a Chinese proverb says ‘Give a man a fish and he will eat today. Teach him to fish and he will have his fill for the rest of his life.’

This addresses the importance of Formation and development of his abilities; more than a donation It allows them to empower themselves, feel useful, generating a state of welfare that positively influences your family and society.

The assistance provided should promote the independence and freedom of that person and their offspring so that they can lead a fulfilling life. Within this group of possibilities is supporting a venture, helping you get a job, among others.