17 May 2023

What is Tetragrammaton? – Symbology and meaning of the Tetragrammaton

By Donald

the study of divine has been a topic of interest throughout the centuries, so today we will focus on the name of God which is the ‘Tetragrammaton’. In this article we are going to know its biblical meaning, what it symbolizes and who uses it.

Tetragrammaton Meaning and Definition

From the combination of four letters from Hebrew and Aramaic, YHWH means Name of God. It is composed of the words Yod, Heh, Vav and He. It is unknown what the original pronunciation was, since in the ancient tradition, it is not allowed to recite the name of God aloud. The main reason for this is honor and respect him.

The Bible, in Hebrew, says that the Lord himself defines himself ‘I am the one who exists by myself’. In Spanish it translates Yahveh, Jehovah. This expression was used by Samaritans, the Jewish people, Hebrews and Catholics in the ancient world.

In Judaism the term Tetragrammaton It is considered very sacred, and in order not to pronounce it in order to avoid its desecration, they referred to it as Adonai. In the Jewish biblical book, the word appears in five fragments, from its beginnings it was used to represent the most high.

In another context, the four letters refer to the grouping of the main symbols of Christianity and Judaism. For its part, Freemasonry considers it the most used amulet since ancient times and is the center of its lodge.

His figure is a Star of five points in flames that embodies Christ. For Freemasons it constitutes the elements of perfection: strength, charity, beauty, virtue and wisdom. In esotericism its function, like the lotus flower and the virgin of the head, is like protection symbol for health, physical and spiritual safety.

What is the Hebrew Tetragrammaton?

The term in Hebrew denotes greatness before the other gods. In the Septuagint, to represent the Tetragrammaton, they use the Greek words “Lord” and “God” or another word in Hebrew like elohim. Which in Spanish means to be supreme.

This definition is important in Kabbalah, since, for the Hebrews, the name is linked to the very existence of the object, which gives this denomination a sacred character. That is why the Hebrew people associated this name with a symbol for avoid pronouncing it and not commit sacrilege.

On the other hand, in the graphical representation of the amulet Hebrew letters stand out around the star. Word that constitutes the oldest form of the name of God.

What is Tetragrammaton in the Bible?

In the Bible story, YHWH appears in repeated passages. According to the etymology of the word, in Spanish it is related to the conjugation of the verb ‘I am’. This revealed to Moses. As stated in Exodus 3.14 ‘I am that I am’. And he said: Thus you shall say to the children of Israel: ‘I am, he has sent me to you.’

In the year 840 BC the first inscriptions of the four letters used by the Israelites and the Jewish people when naming Yahveh. These are interpreted in various ways’which is’, ‘he who will be, is and has been’. All with the intention of referring to the creator as a supreme, sacred, divine being.

In later biblical books such as Ecclesiastes, Esther, and the Song of Songs, it is not recorded. It is important to note that the term does not appear in any of the manuscripts of the new testament.

What is Tetragrammaton used for?

The Tetragrammaton is a protection amulet and is also good luck symbol and of prosperity. Like the lotus flower, it attracts the influence of beings of light. Its function is to take care of those who carry it with bad energy, since it blocks negative entities. It is also a symbol of protection against evil which in turn, allows you to control the forces related to water, air, earth and fire.

The owner will wear that silver or gold pendant, with the star point up for his personal protection. Each amulet fulfills a specific function: protection and defense of the home, the business, the car, the person, among others. Therefore, it must be activated individually. In the same way, you should not let another person touch it. It has to be cleaned to rid it of bad energy. The most used pendant is silver.

What does the Tetragrammaton symbolize?

means the domination of the spiritual on the earthly, synthesizes the immensity of the sacred and the universal.

The flaming star figures the incarnate verb. The center is the man who represents the microcosm. The upper vertex is the head, the lower one the legs and the lateral ones the arms.

The amulet is framed within a box that are the four elements: air, fire, earth and water. In turn, this contains a triangle that is the symbol of the trinity, God, Son and Holy Spirit. The circle represents divinity. Its interior is a sacred space that has the fifth element (the spirit) and the upper point of the star.

The word that surrounds the star is the name of Yahweh: Te tra gram ma ton. On the left side, it has the numbering 1, 2 alluding to the masculine and feminine divinity. On the right the number 1, 2, 3 symbolizes father, mother and son. At the top is Zeus, who is the father of the Olympian gods, the eyes of Horus and the sign of Jupiter. In the arms of the star is Mars, a symbol of strength. In the center the spine represented by the caduceus, next to Venus and Mercury. On the sides, the Sun and the Moon, embody the masculine and the feminine. At the top the name of Adam and Eve, parents of humanity.

the cup or Holy Grail, contains light, source of intelligence. It symbolizes the chalice used by Jesus at the last supper. He walking stick or scepter of the patriarchs of Moses to transmute energy, helps not to lose the north of life.

The sword insignia of battles against evil, symbol of freedom and justice. The key and the seal of Solomon open clairvoyance and drive away unclean spirits. He alpha and omega in the Greek alphabet, beginning and end, it represents God.

In Freemasonry there is no figure as sublime as the name of the supreme being of the Hebrew people. Whoever pronounces it in ceremony can achieve great wonders. Stimulates the power of the word by invoking and controlling the spirits and the force of nature.

This talisman, to be more powerful, must contain the seven metalsgold, silver, iron, mercury, copper, lead and tin that are related to the planets and stars: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter.

Who uses Tetragrammaton?

They are numerous symbols and figures They are worshiped in spiritual and religious rituals, such as the hand of God, the dove, the virgin of the head, the eye of Horus, the lotus flower, the Tetragrammaton, among others. The latter is used by Freemasonry groups, for whom it is of great importance.

In the same way, its use is wide among people who connect with the spiritual realm: tarot readers, seers, esoterics, groups that practice spiritist ceremonies, sorcerers, witches.

Its use in believers who seek spiritual protection in this type of talisman is also recorded. However, in the Catholic sphere the Name of God It is the center of the liturgy, which is accompanied by representations of religious images of the Holy Christ, the Virgin of the Head, the Divine Child, the Good Shepherd, among others.

Is Tetragrammaton bad?

The name of God is holy, therefore, it cannot be bad. On the contrary, the Bible says that invoking it grants its help and protection, but it is not good to use it as an object of superstition.

When referring to the Tetragrammaton as an amulet, or sacred symbol, its function is to do good. Consequently, the talisman itself is not evil. What should be highlighted is that its use for inappropriate purposes, or mundane banalities, is.

Everything divine, contains in itself, mysteries which are not easy to understand by man. Therefore, whether this talisman is good or bad depends on the use that is given to it.