7 September 2022

What is the breastplate of righteousness and armor of God according to the Bible?

By Donald

In the religion of Christianity and its derivatives it is very important to know the terms, words and references that appear in the Bible. In the holy book, there are a lot of things that for novice or unusual readers does not sound like anything. So, in the text we are going to explain one of them, specifically, the subject of the breastplate of righteousness and the armor of God.

What is the breastplate of righteousness?

A breastplate is an iron artifact that is used to withstand blows. The term is used in the structure of ships and also in the armor of the knights and soldiers of antiquity. In that sense, the second option is the one referred to in the Bible.

In the years that Christ lived on earth, the Roman empire was in a mighty heyday. So men acting as soldiers were seen everywhere. they carried a chest armor with the objective that they did not harm them during the battles. That was called armor.

The way in which the believers of Christianity learn how to use it is through Jesus. Well, having faith in what he did in his life and the promise of eternity, it is a very big reward. The Bible tells us that there is no just man, so there is no possible action to earn heaven, other than faith.

Even in the old testament, before the arrival of Christ into the world and the Roman Empire, there was already talk of the breastplate of justice. For in the book of Isaiah, the prophet mentions the arrival of Jesus, who would wear the armor of God in his walk. Because he was the one who received the blessing, the one chosen for our salvation.

What is the breastplate of righteousness in the Bible?

The breastplate of justice is mentioned several times in the Bible in the form of a metaphor. one of whom made such a comparison was the apostle Paul. In addition, it is possible to find a passage from the Bible in Ephesians, where he is also mentioned.

Paul’s idea in his letter is that people protect themselves with a Breastplate of righteousness or spiritual armor. That way, they would be able to withstand the temptations of sin that Satan offers.

What is the armor of God?

When it is expressed about the armor of God, the reference is made to another term that is get in the bible passages. There is no talk of an object that literally covers your body, but rather it is presented in a metaphorical way. In which the armor of God is the one that protects you from sin and the bad things that Satan places in the way.

What does the armor of God mean biblically?

The armor of God that is described in the Bible is a set of elements that have to do with faith. The meaning of this is that as long as you practice Christianity, Do not doubt the existence of God and his teaching, nothing bad will happen to you. Well, you will have his protection and care in your life.

The justice of the almighty will fall on those who act unwillingly and seek evil from satan and sin. In the same way, in those who do not believe in Christ and his sacrifice. However, those who wear his armor will get the greatest reward in the kingdom of heaven.

How to wear the armor of God?

In the case of armor and how to use it, you should know that you have to dress with all the necessary equipment. Let us then describe each of the parts that you must count on in your life, in order to try to be fair. The first thing is the helmet of salvationa helmet that keeps our minds thinking about Christ, sir.

The shield that protects you from evil is faith in the whole story of God, Christ and his passion. The armor that we already talked about in the previous sections. Similarly, it is necessary to carry the shoes of peace for they will guide your way by following in the footsteps of the Lord.

Finally, it is found the sword that guards your spirit, even if you are a person who does not like conflict, you should always carry the greatsword. In order to protect you from those who do evil. In this way, you complete the armor of God and it will be in your decisions how to use it.