15 December 2022

What is the ‘Chokurei’ amulet and what benefits does it have on people?

By Donald

It is very common for us to use amulets in order to have better luck. The ‘Chokurei’ is the main Japanese symbol of Reiki, which will help us channel our energies. take it with us it will give us protection and balance at all times.

For that reason, when we want to align the chakras or reach a good level of meditation, it is best to resort to this Japanese technique, created by Mikao Usui. In the same way that we put the Law of Assumption into practice, in order to level our state of consciousness during the day.

What is the Chokurei pendant?

It is a very powerful amulet, as it contains one of the five reiki symbols, thus, we can increase or decrease the energy levels that we emanate. Therefore, when we carry that kanji, we will feel the protection at all times, since its power accompanies us at every moment.

So, the pendant ‘Chokurei’ helps us with the balance of the chakras, through meditation and other reiki rituals. In addition, knowing what it is and how to use the kanji helps us increase the level of protection and optimize the health of the body and mind.

What is double Chokurei?

This amulet helps us balance energies. the mode of increase or decrease It is through contrast. Well, the ARIA symbol, drawn upside down, offers us other benefits. Thus, we can combat depression, amplifying our own energy.

However, the double Chokurei is a kind of key, which regulates us the flow of vibrations. Therefore, in moments of stress, we can use the symbol drawn in reverse, in order to reduce the energy levels that keep us upset.

What is the Chokurei amulet used for?

The benefits of this pendant are infinite, because once you decide to start in reiki, you will be able to order the chakras and control your energy. In this way, you will observe improvements in your health, with the alignment of body and mind.

In addition to the protection and balance of being, the Chokurei amulet offers us the possibility of improving our economy. Well, with meditation we will achieve channel the energies that attract fortune to the environment, being more and more the benefits that this Japanese kanji gives us.

chokurei for money

Through this technique, it is possible to materialize your desire for wealth and balance that feeling from the bottom of your being, but, abandoning thoughts of lack or need. Therefore, an amulet with that ARIA symbol will help you focus on your growth goals.

Consequently, the chokurei for money has its power in your motivation and you will be able to execute it with meditation. Lie down and place the amulet on your abdomen, now, repeat ‘Chokurei’ three times, make your request and maintain the trance for at least 10 minutes. That ARIA ritual, you can carry it out three times throughout the day.

Protection with Chokurei

Undoubtedly, witchcraft and the evil eye are everywhere, therefore, resorting to an amulet with this Japanese symbol is one of the best options for repel bad energy Since, its sigil, channels the power that flows within ourselves and faces those harmful vibrations that seek to harm us.

The ritual is the same as the one mentioned above, but, in this case, we must place the chokurei amulet between the eyebrows, or third eye area. In this way, we will increase the levels of security and we will feel great tranquility in our lives.

What is the price of the Chokurei amulet?

Now that we know what a reiki pendant is for, we may want to find one and use it for protection or to attract money. Therefore, it is important that you know that you will get those chokurei amulets of different materials and colors, since we will see reiki in the main positions of the charts.

However, the important thing is to make sure that the Japanese symbol be well drawn in the pendant; Let’s remember that using it in reverse will give us a different result.

Its price undergoes several variations, depending on the material, size or place where you get it.

How to activate the benefits of the Chokurei pendant?

When we want to get rid of stress or distract our mind, we usually resort to doing a recreational marathon of movies or series. However, sometimes we need a technique to level our energiessince, that is what reiki offers us.

Therefore, if we want to learn how to activate it, we just have to pronounce its mantra. That is to say, that at the time of meditation, we draw the kanji or take the pendant and proceed to repeat three times ‘Cho ku rei’. Invoking in this way the dimensional forces that will help us to channel the energies in a positive way.