22 June 2023

What is the fear of God? – Discover more about this gift of God

By Donald

The fear of God drives us to seek God’s mercy and live according to his teachings. Fearing God, we acknowledge our dependence on him and seek his guidance and protection, trusting in his loving care and willingness to forgive us and show us mercy in our weaknesses.

The fear of God is something that goes beyond fear to divine justice or punishment. It is a sense of wonder and submission before the greatness of God. In this article we will explore more about this interesting topic.

What is the fruit of the fear of God?

The fear of God is nothing more than the manifestation of good through humility, trust and respect towards Him. It is important to keep in mind that He is our Father, he loves us and desires our salvation. Therefore, we must not be afraid, but rather cultivate docility, recognition, praise and hope.

The fruit of the fear of God is the courage and strength that are generated in us, as gifts that Christians should possess. We must always be enthusiastic, and at the same time be moved and conquered by his love. It is not about submitting ourselves out of fear of the Lord, but about having an alarm that alerts us to the persistence of sin, but without fearing God in any way.

Why be alert to fearing God?

Based on the fact that we are talking about a healthy fear, the apostle peter He tries to show this kind of fear, just like King Solomon. The fear of God must always be seen from a clear perspective, as a duty for which full glory is achieved, by following and keeping each of his commandments.

Being a beneficial fear, several ancient psalmists attest that God’s salvation is only near to those who fear him. This allows us see it from a healthy perspective, knowing that Jesus is loving. Therefore, the fear of God is based on respect and compliance with his commands through the ministry of prayer.

Examples of the fear of God

Among them, We can highlight several stories, which are:

  • Noah: God commanded him to build an ark in order to save his family and various species of animals from the flood. Noah obeyed without hesitation, since his fear of God was so deep that he dedicated years of his life to accomplish this task. Despite the mockery of those around him, his fear strengthened his faith and reverence for God, making him a person preserved and blessed in the midst of catastrophe.
  • Abraham: God commanded him to sacrifice his son Isaac, which was a heartbreaking test for him. Despite the fact that these actions seemed to contradict the promises that God had made to him, Abraham fully trusted. Thanks to his awe and obedience, he was abundantly blessed by his total fidelity to the Lord.
  • Moses: God appeared to him and insisted that he free the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt. Despite his own insecurity and all the difficulties he faced, Moses accepted the challenge. Using his fear of God as a guide, he trusted and followed instructions to the letter, even when they seemed unreasonable. Moses used all the instruments that God put in his hands to free the people from him.

These are just some of the stories that highlight the awe and obedience to God, and how those who possessed it were blessed and used to fulfill his purposes.

Is the fear of God a gift of the Holy Spirit?

It is the seventh gift and it emphasizes that it is not fear or distance, but rather humility. This implies recognize the infinite greatness of the Lord towards all of us, since he loves us and wants the best. The fear referred to is the fear of offending, with the purpose of recognizing our own weaknesses and continuing to believe in the charity of his love.

Therefore, we must keep in mind that this fear does not imply avoiding thinking or remembering God, nor assume something dark or disturbing. On the contrary, it is based on respect. This gift makes us aware of the immensity of the Creator, leading us to reflect on the dangers of life.

Through the Holy Spirit, all this is assumed to be a set and it manifests itself as a gift. In this gift, guilt is not excluded, but we can glimpse divine mercy, since Jesus desires salvation for all.

The 7 attributes of the fear of God

It is a gift that He gives us, since his love is genuine and is accompanied by conversion, which results in receiving his Spirit. The Lord instills in us the proper respect and fear so that, by fulfilling his commandments, we will be his servants. Among the manifestations of the fear of God, we highlight the following stories:

fear of god provides us with different attributes:

  • It produces humility: The true fear of God involves submitting to Him no matter what. The amazement and respect that we must have before God and his Word should not be fleeting. Examples of this attitude are found in the prophet Isaiah and in Noah, who demonstrated a respectful fear of God by carrying out the instructions he gave them. The fear of God implies recognizing our littleness before the infinite majesty of Jesus, who protects us and helps us to be considered, avoiding arrogance, especially in matters of faith and belief.
  • It teaches us obedience: Divine fear goes beyond simple respect for God, it is something deeper. Obedience and reverence for the Lord motivate us to associate with other people who share our same ideals. By obeying God’s commandments to please him and avoid disappointing him, we remember that at some point we will give an account to the Lord.
  • Develop spiritual courage: The fear of God gives us spiritual courage, allowing us to have the courage to stand up for the principles that are fundamental to us. When we fear Jesus more than men, it is easier to find the courage to face challenges. Instead of giving in to fear, we must develop the courage that God deserves and avoid the cowardice of half-hearted fear.
  • Helps us avoid sin: The fear of God leads us to reject guilt and follow the paths of justice that He taught us. We must hate evil, pride and arrogance, because mercy and truth correct these evils. We must never lose the fear of God, but rather flee from sin to avoid deadly consequences.
  • Develop and foster leadership according to the will of God: One of the main requirements to serve God is the fear of Him, as well as the rejection of greed. Those who fear God resist the temptation to take advantage of others when they occupy positions of authority. However, it is important to emphasize that there is another type of fear, the wrong one, that is not suitable for those who are leaders. Those who lack faith and courage discourage others, creating instability. These people are not fit to lead God’s people.
  • Promotes love for God and those who share our beliefs: In the early church, the love and fear of God originated in affectionate fellowship. Therefore, fear must reflect the love we have towards God and, therefore, towards all our brothers. We must avoid falling into fear that makes us cowards and paralyzes us with unnecessary worries. We trust in God and in the mutual love that must exist, following the fear of God that guides us.

When we talk about the true fear of God, we refer to a feeling based on respect. This fear leads us to walk along the paths that the Lord has established, following his commandments and doing his will. We must remember that He loves us and wants the best for us, seeking the salvation of each one.

The kind of fear that leads us to hide, like Adam and Eve did, It is not the fear that corresponds to God. We must cast off that kind of misguided fear and face life boldly. Whether we face adversity or receive unexpected divine instructions, the fear of God, in the company of the Holy Spirit, will be as great as his love for us.

The fear of God is of great importance in spirituality and the life of faith. While it can be misinterpreted as a negative fear, in its true sense it implies a deep respect and reverence for God. The fear of God helps us recognize the greatness and divine poweras well as our own limitation and dependence on Him. This fear motivates us to live in obedience to His commandments and seek His guidance in all our decisions.

Furthermore, it leads us to seek a close relationship with God and to experience his love and mercy in our lives. In summary, the fear of God is important because it helps us maintain a proper perspective before the divine, guides us in our spiritual life, and brings us closer to a profound experience of God’s presence and love.