13 April 2023

What is the Marshall Plan? – Learn the causes and importance of the Marshall Plan

By Donald

The Second World War was one of the most relevant and important historical events in global history. And as is normal, this historical fact of great importance marked a before and after in the development of the world; since from her many other historical events arose. This is why the doctrine has dedicated a large part of its research to know not only in depth this great fact, but all those that are triggered after him.

After World War II ended, Western Europe was almost completely devastated. And, therefore, the world tried to extend its hand; in order to achieve his recovery. This essentially with the purpose of recovering not only the economy, but also the social sphere; since after so much misfortune, they only sought to vindicate the survivors of this fateful and unforgettable historical moment.

What was the Marshall Plan?

When talking about the Marshall Plan, and looking for its definition, we refer to the plan created by the United States, through its secretary of state. Which originated with the purpose of helping Western Europe in its reconstruction and recovery; this after World War II. One of its main focuses was Germany; all this always with the purpose of getting away from these countries the communist ideas that were being very popular in them by the influence of the Soviet Union.

It is noteworthy that this plan basically consisted of giving the affected countries of Western Europe by the United States; an economic contribution of 13,000 million dollars, which would be divided among the affected countries. Allied countries such as the United Kingdom and France received larger amounts of money; while the countries that were members of the axis received lower aid; due to their participation in the war.

Why was the Marshall Plan created?

The Marshall plan; named after its creator George Marshall; It was generated in 1948, after the end of the Second World War. And it was created with the purpose of recovering and rebuilding the territories and societies that were affected due to the war. In addition, its purpose was to bring to the new modern era the European industry that had fallen behind due to war. And, he also sought to break down those obstacles that could have the trade.

It is also noteworthy that the main objective for which the Marshall Plan was created was to strengthen the economy of the United States. Since even when the United States participated in the war, it did not suffer major damage due to the geographical distance. Just as he did not have an economic delay; rather, on the contrary, its economy was consolidated. That is why they sought through the Marshall Plan to expand their markets and give a further increase to its economy.

What were the characteristics of the Marshall Plan?

As well as any other political and economic development plan; The Marshall Plan has a series of particularities through which it is characterized. Being important to know them, since they allow us to understand more easily what this plan consists of. In this sense, among its most relevant characteristics, the following stand out.

It became known as european Recovery Program, and seek to rebuild economically, socially and industrially the countries of Western Europe. It gave rise to a series of institutions; which they created with the sole purpose of managing the resources provided. In addition, they were in charge of directing this plan so that their objectives were achieved.

It was also characterized by providing European citizens with loans in order to promote small and large industry. And what’s more, these loans didn’t just have a low interest rate; but also imposed conditions, such as that the raw material of the industry was purchased from the United States.

Propitious that many of the countries to which aid was provided; once recovered, they will join capitalist organizations and even NATO. Its duration was only four years, which astonishes many economists, since they were enough to achieve the recovery of Europe.

What consequences did the Marshall Plan leave?

Once the Marshall Plan was executed, it left a series of consequences that are notable even today. One of the most important consequences being the fact of reducing hunger and poverty that Europe was going through at that time. In addition, he achieved the economic strengthening of Western Europe and the growth and consolidation of the US economy. Being in addition to highlighting that greatly increased European industrial production.

In this same sense, there are those who attribute to the Marshall Plan the consolidation of the unified Europe that we have today. In other words, thanks to the execution of this economic, social and industrial plan, the foundations of the European Union were laid. And, not only that, but it also served as the basis for the creation of many international organizations; that promoted commercial freedom and economic growth in the region.

What benefits did the United States get from the Marshall Plan?

From the moment the Marshall Plan was devised, the United States was not only seeking the recovery of Western Europe. If not, in addition, it sought to guarantee itself, a series of benefits. Which I achieve by establishing certain conditions that apply to the countries in which the monetary aid was given. In this sense, it was through the execution of this Plan that The United States managed to consolidate a more prosperous future for its economy and become a world power.

Thus, in the execution of the Marshall Plan, the United States managed to increase its exports to the countries of Western Europe. Mainly, the sale of raw materials for industries increased. And, in addition, this country obtained great support at the international level; this by the countries that received their support.

What is the importance of the Marshall Plan in history?

The Marshall Plan was one of the recovery plans that left the greatest mark in world history. Not only for the fact that he achieved the economic recovery of Western Europe. If not because it also gave a vision to the industrialization of that continent; and, it was the beginning of the commercial union policies developed in the European continent. In addition, it was one of the first opportunities in which implemented economic cooperation policies.

It is also important for world history because it prevented Western Europe from falling into the hands of communism; as it happened in Argentina; since these were the ideas that began to sound the most among the citizens, until the execution of this plan was announced. And lastly, it is of the utmost importance because it helped to overcome the economic crisis and poverty that the war-torn populations of Western Europe were experiencing at that time.

As citizens of the world, it is our duty to know everything that is part of our history. Since many times it is these teachings that do not help to know the present. And, this is why it is essential to understand issues as strong and important as the Second World War, as well as the damage it caused and the mechanisms that were applied for post-war recovery; essentially in this case, knowing more about the important Marshall Plan.