11 August 2022

What is the ‘Spirit of Stupor’? – Biblical meaning

By Donald

The purity and spirituality of our soul depends on the behavior we have. Therefore, we must know the spirit of stupor, in order to rebuke those behaviors and get it out of our hearts. In this way, we will avoid dire consequences in life.

Well, if we know how this works state of lethargy or indifference. We can face it. Giving way to the Holy Spirit, who should be the one to guide our life according to the Bible. So, he continues reading and we will show you more about the spirit of stupor and why it comes to plunge us into sin.

What is the biblical meaning of the spirit of stupor?

Biblically, we know it as the inert state in which a person plunges. While you don’t see, you don’t hear and doesn’t react around you. Therefore, it is a kind of indifference to what happens in their environment.

For that reason, it is a departure from the teachings of Christ. Well, he showed us the way fight injustices and defend his church. So, the meaning of the spirit of stupor in the Bible is given with the sin of indifference. But, together with the doubt and clumsiness that affects Christianity:

  • So, that state of paralysis. It brings negative consequences to the heart. Since, it takes us away from the true message of Christ. condemning our soul to eternal fire. Therefore, the Bible shows us how the spirit of stupor operates and how to rebuke it.
  • In the same way, we get in the Bible, that God ordered Isaiah to carry his message. But, without analyzing or discussing it, he just repeats it. Thus, faith is built.

What is the spirit of stupor

For this reason, biblically we cannot see the meaning of the word stupor as paralysis, astonishment or astonishment. Well, it goes further. Since, in this case, we are talking about remain inert in the face of injustices that surrounds you. That is, to do nothing, despite seeing that things are being carried out badly, against the law of God.

What verse in the Bible talks about the spirit of stupor?

In the sacred book we find passages that refer to this topic. However, verbatim the spirit of stupor is mentioned in the verse of Romans, 11:8as follows: ‘God bestowed the spirit of stuporeyes with which they will not see and ears with which they will not hear, to this day.’

However, we note that, in this case, they present us with the state of lethargy to strengthen our faith. That is to say, when God himself orders it, it is with the purpose that let’s not hear negative things that separate us from Christianity. On the contrary, it seeks to strengthen our faith.

Thus, we see it biblically when he commissioned the prophet to spread his message (Isaiah, 6:9-10). In fact, Christ himself does allusion to the spirit of stuporin relation to what Isaiah had lived before (John, 37 – 38, 40).

For this reason, God offers us, in these verses, the means to know how the spirit of stupor operates in a negative way. With the purpose of rebuke him and remove him from our hearts. Strengthening the soul within Christianity.

What does it mean for the spirit of stupor to come?

Actually, analyzing its meaning is quite interesting. Well, if it comes to us, we have to fight it. Since the consequences in people’s lives are negative. So, we must know why he comes. Since, this is linked to the state of the soul of each one.

For this reason, the more you purify your being in Christ, the more difficult it will be for the spirit of stupor to enter your life. But, if you live in sin, you are much more prone to being invaded By himself. That way, you’ll be clear about why he’s coming at you and how to attack him.

spirit stupor

What does the Bible say about dreams in the spirit of stupor?

Strengthening faith is the ideal way to deal with these types of thoughts. While you sleep, you may have visions about the spirit of stupor. Its meaning is that your spirituality is in danger. Therefore, the Bible shows the characteristics of it. It is your responsibility to follow God’s law and rebuke that indifferent behavior in your person.

How to rebuke the spirit of stupor?

With the help of God everything is possible. So don’t worry about this state of mind coming into your life. On the contrary, strengthen your faith and the Holy Spirit will free you from lethargy. The most effective way to achieve it is with prayersince your spirituality will shield itself from any negative state.

In this way, you will begin to see things in colors, that is, from a positive point of view. Definitely, Christ is the impulse to be proactive, solve problems and achieve goals. He remembers the prophet Nehemiah, who faced the spirit of stupor by rebuilding the city walls. In this case, the metaphor refers to the foundations of the church, product of our faith.

What consequences does the spirit of stupor have on my life?

You must be careful not to give way to this negative state, as it will affect your body. both in the physical and mental aspect. Since, said condition of lethargy or indifference, will make you overlook various circumstances. Therefore, we already know how it works. Then, the consequences will be lethal for your spirituality.

For this reason, this syndrome of lukewarmness or insensitivity will shake your faith in the Holy Spirit. That way, you’ll see yourself lost in a gray environment. Well, you will not give importance to what has it. In fact, it will not only affect you from an ecclesiastical point of view. If not also, it will influence your family and personal relationships.

The state of stupor begins by turning you into an inert being, who does not care about eternal fire, or the law of God. Then, you begin to carry that indifference to the rules of man. breaking rules or without reacting witnessing the injustices around you. Becoming an accomplice in the disaster of society.