18 July 2023

What is unconverted? – Discover the meaning of this word

By Donald

When listening to the word unconverted, one can think of several meanings, most of them related to a transformation process. In general, this is a word used in the Christian faith, although it is also valid for other areas, so, in this article, it is explained what is unconverted and unconverted according to the RAE and the Bible. In the same way, the action of the Holy Spirit in this process of change is mentioned.

Unconverted according to the RAE

The term ‘unconverted’ has different meanings and connotations depending on the context in which it is used, for example, for those who have a strong conviction in the Bible, it alludes to the beliefs of a person. While in everyday life you can talk about material states, that is why you have to learn what it represents in order to know how to use it in our everyday speech.

For the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), the term ‘unconverted’ alludes to something that has not been converted or changed state, that is, it is in its original form even though it can be transformed. It can also be used to refer to something that is inaccessible or that cannot be easily addressed or dealt with. As an example, they highlight a person who refuses to deal with another individual or someone who refuses to change their mind.

What is unconverted according to the Bible?

In the Bible, the word ‘unconverted’ is used to refer to someone who does not accept the Christian faith or who did not go through the process of conversion to Christianity. In this sense, the term is used to describe someone who did not have a spiritual conversion or life-changing experience.

The Bible also refers to the unsaved as those who do not know God or who have not experienced his love and his salvation. From what it can be said that the word covers all non-believers or followers of God, especially those who are reluctant to convert to the faith.

What does the Holy Spirit do in the unconverted?

The Holy Spirit is a key element in the conversion of people, because according to the Bible, the Holy Spirit is the one who works in the hearts of people so that they recognize their need for God and accept his salvation. Thus, the Holy Spirit is the one who convicts the unsaved of their sinof their need for salvation and the truth of God’s Word, so it helps them increase their faith in God.

In what verses of the Bible does he speak of the unsaved?

In the sacred texts of the Bible, there are a few verses that speak of the unconverted, however, the word is not found on the pages of the Spanish versions. In this sense, other synonyms are used to refer to a person who does not have faith in God or does not want to convert.

  • But the natural man does not perceive the things that are from the Spirit of God, because for him they are madness, and he cannot understand them, because they have to be discerned spiritually..’ (1 Corinthians 2:14)

In this verse the word is not mentioned, but it speaks of those who have not been converted to Christianity, they cannot understand the Word of God and spiritual things because their human nature prevents them from doing so.

What is it to be unconverted?

Being unconverted implies not having accepted the Christian faith or have a personal conversion experience, so they may be people who have heard about God, but do not feel his presence in their lives. Also those who had negative experiences with religion and moved away from it, as well as individuals who, for different reasons, do not have the opportunity to learn about the Christian faith.

Characteristics of someone unconverted

The characteristics of someone who is unconverted can vary, but in general they refer to someone who you do not feel the grace and love of God in your life. Some of these characteristics include a lack of interest in religion, a lack of knowledge of the Bible and Christian precepts, a lack of commitment to moral and spiritual values.

The same way, the search for satisfaction in other aspects of life, a soul in pain that does not look for an answer or easily to commit sin. In this sense, the church, as a religious institution, plays a fundamental role in the conversion of the unconverted.

In the case of the Christian church, it has as one of its main objectives to carry the message of the gospel of Christ to all people, so that they can know God and experience his love and salvation. In this way, this institution plays an important role through different means and activities that it applies, being the preaching of the word one of the most common ways in which the church seeks to attract the unconverted.

As well as the invitation to the various religious services and prayer meetingsspaces where it is sought to transmit the Christian message of love, forgiveness and salvation, in addition, attendees are invited to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Another way the church seeks to reach the unsaved is through the community evangelism. Church members can carry the gospel message through pamphlet and bible distribution, social and charitable activities.

The church can also play an important role in the conversion of the unsaved through the religious education, because the Christian faith offers study and training programs. This in order to help people better understand the Christian message and deepen their relationship with God.

It is important to note that the conversion of the unconverted It is a process that can take time. and that depends to a great extent on the action of the Holy Spirit in the life of each person. The church can play an important role in this process, but it needs to be done in a respectful and loving way, without imposing beliefs or values ​​on others.